Saturday, 12 December 2015


I was born in Ahmedabad in 1991 &  since then I am living in this city. It is situated in dry state of India but it is the best city to live in India. It is not that I am saying that Ahmedabad is the best city to live but lots of researches and surveys have proved that. It meets all the requirements of leading a good life. Ahmedabad is one of the metro cities of India. Education, Infrastructure and Industry are well developed in this city. It is very much different from other metro cities of India. To describe how it is different from other metros and why it is the best city to live I will put light on its three key features. Design, Drive and Connect.


Ahmedabad is known as heritage city worldwide but it is designed in such a way that it is divided into two parts. One part of the city is full of heritage structures like siddhi saiyad mosque, lal darwaja, delhi darwaja, gandhi ashram etc while the other side has modern cafes, malls, car showrooms, flyovers, stadiums etc. Sabarmati river devide these two parts. On one side of the Sabarmati there is heritage Ahmedabad while on the other side there is modern Ahmedabad. Apart from bridges over Sabarmati there is Sabarmati riverfront which connects both parts of the city. There are lot places to visit in the city. I don't know who has designed Ahmedabad like this. Who so ever did that has made a great design of the city.


When it comes to drive, Ahmedabad is not like Mumbai that it takes two and a half hours to reach to a destination 10 kms away. I am not saying that there is no traffic in the city. There is traffic but not too much like Mumbai. There are some roads in Ahmedabad which are always full of vehicles while some are always empty. I think one would always enjoy the drive in Ahmedabad if he/she chooses the route to the destination wisely. City has great roads to drive on. Even one can enjoy long drives on some of roads of the city.


Ahmedabad is situated in the heart of Gujarat and it is very well connected with other parts of country and the world through various modes. Ahmedabad has both domestic as well as international airport. There are many direct flights from Ahmedabad to various countries of the world. Frequency of domestic flights to other major cities of the country is also good. Apart from air Ahmedabad connects pretty well with other parts of the country via rail. There are many trains from Ahmedabad to all the remaining of India. When it comes to connectivity by road then Ahmedabad is directly connected with NH 8. Hence it is very well connected to other parts of the country by road as well.

Apart from this Ahmedabad gives peace of mind to the people. Which is very important to lead healthy life. Moreover unlike Delhi, women and girls are safe in this city. Who doesn't want peaceful life like this that's why people prefer to take job transfer in Ahmedabad than any other city in India. I think by now you would have understood why Ahmedabad is the best city to live in India.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Night Life in Bangalore

In September I went to Bangalore on a business trip. Bangalore, the silicon valley of India is the most vibrant city in India. There is a lot to see in that city. So a three day trip is not enough to see all the places in Bangalore. It was a business trip so it had to be short and full of work. I had meetings during daytime but I was not going to waste my nights in the room of a hotel. I wanted to experience the night life in Bangalore.

On first day after finishing the meetings till the evening, I decided to go to a pub. It was my first time in Bangalore so I didn't know much about the pubs in Bangalore. I opened google to find a pub and as I typed 'pub', I got 'pub finder in India' as one of the suggestions below. So I searched that and clicked the first link appeared on the google search page. Pub finder is the feature on the website for those who wants to enjoy the nightlife. I selected the city and the list of all the pubs in Bangalore was in front of my eyes.

I decided to go to Big Pitcher as in its info it was mentioned Beer and cricket for soul. Big Pitcher is a big microbrewery. It has a sky lounge with big variety of fresh beer and a big screen to enjoy cricket. I have had two different kinds of beer there. I didn't want to get high so beer only. After all it was a new city for me & it is important to live responsibly if you get freedom. Next day again I finished my meetings till the evening and started finding a new pub on pub finder. On that evening I surfed the whole LiveInStyle website & I found very interesting features on it.

One of the page on that website was of drinks and that page contained the information about cocktails. It also had cocktail recipes which impressed me the most. On that night I wanted to get high so I decided to stay back in the room and try out those cocktail recipes. I bought the bottle of vodka and other ingredients and tried those cocktail recipes. I remember the recipes I made before getting high. After getting high I remember only one thing that the purpose of getting high was fulfilled.

On third day I had a flight in the evening so immediately after finishing the meetings I rushed to airport. Pub finder in India made my boring business trip happening. I am going to remember it for a long time.

Disclaimer: this article is for the people above 25 years of age. 

Monday, 30 November 2015

Soft Baby Skin

Leaves are falling from the trees. Hoods are out. The best place to be at night these days is in the balnket. In short winter has arrived and the main feature of this season is dryness. Winter makes your skin dry and cools you upside down. In winter you can smoke without a cigar. In winter You can release smoke from your mouth and look cool in front of your friends that too without a cigar. Isn't it a life saving & money saving feature of winter? Our skin is not so sensitive then also our skin get dried in winter. Now imagine how adversely it will affect the soft and sensitive skin of a child. To take care of baby's soft skin in winter parents should take care of few things.

1. Baby products

First thing parents should take care of are baby products. Baby products can react on soft skin of baby. These products can cure the dryness of baby's skin but its reaction can cause rashes on their body. So rather than relying on baby products go natural. Natural ways will keep dryness away and won't cause any harm to baby's skin.

2. Warm water

In cold weather we prefer to take a bath with hot water. If you can't have a bath with cold water then as a parent you are not going to put that cold water on your child's body. In winter if cold water is not good for baby then even hot water is not good for baby's soft skin. In winter water should not be too cold or too hot. It should be warm so that baby should feel pleasant after having a bath.

3. Oil massage

The best thing to keep baby's skin away from dryness is oil massage. Baby should be masaaged daily with the coconut oil. In winter coconut oil will not allow the baby's skin to get dry. Moreover coconut oil massage will make baby's bones stronger. So oil massage is must for Baby's skin.

4. Woolen clothes over cotton clothes

In winter we wear woolen clothes to keep ourselves warm. Woolen clothes keep child's body warm as well. Moreover woolen clothes protect the baby's skin from dryness but these clothes can harm skin's softness. So child's skin should be first covered with cotton cloth then that body should be covered with woolen cloth. In this way skin's softness will be intact and baby's body will be warm & away from dryness.

5. Sun bath

Sun bath in winter is as important as water bath. It is important for babies as well but baby's skin will not bear rays of sun for long. Sun's rays provide nourishment to the baby's skin but overdose of it will put rashes on baby's soft skin. So sun bath is important but only till baby's soft and sensitive skin can bear it. Parents normally know that how much time baby's skin can bear sun's rays. So a baby should be given a sun bath according to it.

So these are the things which parents should take care of in winter to keep their baby's skin softest.

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Importance of 4G

4G has arrived in India. 4G phones has been launched, telecom companies has started providing 4G services but the question is how many people are using 4G? All of us have seen that advertisement where a guy says to his dad '3G is history dad.' I am sure even that guy would be using 2G. As in India when we subscribe for 3G we get the speed of 2G. I hope this will change with 4G. I hope companies will provide actual 4G speed to the people at affordable prices. Now how 4G can evolve youth of nation?

When it comes to internet, youth of this nation can be divided into three categories. First category of young people are those who works on internet. Second category of young people uses internet only for fun (it includes social media & online dating). Third and final category of people uses internet for both work as well as fun. And to use internet youth of the nation mostly use smartphones. 4G enabled smartphones are already in the market. It comes with octa core processor, android marshmallow, HD camera, better RAM and huge amount of storage capacity. It has the bandwidth upto 150 mbps. So ultimately these smartphones suck internet like mosquitoes suck blood from our body. These internet sucking mosquitoes are just looking for the speed around the network.

Technocrats or first category of young people who works on internet was eagerly waiting for such smartphones. These high speed smartphones with such advanced & fast technology will ultimately help them to increase productivity of the nation. For second category of young people who uses internet only for fun these smartphones are like blessing in disguise. Now sharing things on social media apps like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, dubsmash etc will become easier. Moreover online dating on tinder will become smoother and faster. With the advent of such technology a person can be on two to three dates simultaneously or 10 HD slefies can be clicked & shared without any hesitation. Videos will stream without buffering. So ultimately fun is going to multiply for the second category of the people.

If these smartphones are transforming the lives of first two categories of people then it transform lives of third category of people automatically. These 4G smartphones will help nation's youth to keep up the pace with this fast moving world.

Saturday, 14 November 2015


Whenever I think of the word great, first image comes infront of eyes is of Mohan Godhwani (my father). My father lost his father (i.e. my grandfather) at the age of 5. A father is like a backbone to a child. My father lost that backbone at the age of 5. We all know that childhood is the best phase in a person's life and my father was pushed to face this brutal world in that phase. The age in which he should be playing different games, life was playing weird games with him. When life play such games the biggest question mark comes on the survival.

The only support to my grandma at that time was my father. She started stitching clothes at home to survive. She became the tailor to earn the money. My father helped her in cutting work while he was studying in primary. My father was ignored and insulted by his own uncles and aunts whenever he seeked any help from them. One of those uncles even captured my grandfather's shop. My family was in all sorts of trouble. It made my father strong and to be support to my grandma he himself started earning. He started doing a job in a shop as soon as he reached in 8th standard. He was not the only child in the family. My father has one brother & one sister (my paternal uncle and aunt) both of them are younger to him. So the responsibility of growing them up well was on him and grandma.

Any other guy in this situation would have gone on the wrong path but my father stood strong against all the odds with help of teachings of my grandma and his own hard work. He topped the school in tenth standard. He wanted to become a doctor after that but there was no money to study science. Thus he went for commerce and became a banker. In this way all of his life he has just sacrificed his dreams and needs for his family. You need a big heart for that. By doing this he has become so simple now that he says all I need 6×6 space to sleep. Not only for us my father has sacrificed a lot for other people as well and he is still doing it.

As they say life is a circle & you reap what you sow. All those uncles and aunts who ignored and insulted my father needed him badly when they were at their death bed. My father helped them more than their own children & I salute him for that. It is a mark of greatness that you help those people who ignored you, insulted you when you needed them. Now we have moved to a middle class from poor class but my father never treat poor people badly. He always make them feel good. He will be a great host to them and will serve them the best. He do so because he knows that how rich people treat poor people.

I agree my father is neither a film star nor a famous sports personality. He is just a common man but he is made of great. He is so great that whenever someone praises him he stops him/her from doing that. Recently one of our neighbour told me that 'the kind of prosperous life you live today is all because of good deeds of Mohan.' My father never talks about his childhood, struggle or donations. Whatever I have written in this post is what I have seen or heard from my grandmother. He has made me strong enough to face the world. He has taught me to be humble and down to earth. He has taught me all the mannerisms which grandma taught to him. I have become a writer today because of him. His contribution in my life is endless. According to me my father (Mr. Mohan Godhwani) is undeniably #madeofgreat.

TATA motors has made Lionel Messi their global ambassador. Likewise my father, Lionel Messi is also #madeofgreat. So what do you think of TATA Motors' association with Lionel Messi?

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Baby's Skin

Children are loved for their cuteness, innocence and soft skin. Most of uncles and aunties greet children by pulling their cheeks and saying 'Hello golu molu you are so cute.' There are many more adjectives like 'golu molu' which uncles and aunties use but before that pull the cheeks of children. By doing that they just want to feel the softness of baby's skin. They are simply jealous of that soft skin. So they pull it to make it hard like them. Not only uncles and aunties we all love soft skin of small babies but we express it by kissing their cheeks not by pulling them.

We praise babies' soft skin but there is a secret behind the softness of their skin. Child's parents and grand parents do certain things to keep their baby's soft skin safe. Here are the secrets to keep your baby's soft skin:

1. Oil Massage

New born babies enjoy body massage daily. Oil massage is done to new born babies to make their bones strong. Oil massage is done with cocnut oil preferably. Coconut oil not only make baby's bones strong but it also keep dryness away from baby's skin. As dryness is away from baby's skin then baby's skin is always going to be soft and lovely. So coconut oil massage is important for making baby's skin soft and bones strong.

2. Turmeric & milk

Mixture of turmeric and milk nourishes baby's skin. My grandma used to apply the mixture of turmeric and milk on our (me and my brothers and sisters in the family) bodies before the bath. She used to apply it 20 minutes before bath. She believed that soap has chemicals which causes skin problems. While milk and turmeric nourishes baby's skin. So milk and turmeric is other thing which keeps baby's skin softest.

3. No tub bath

Lots of parents give their new born babies a tub bath. Actually it is not good for baby's skin. It makes baby's skin dry and dryness takes away the softness from baby's skin. So don't give your baby a tub bath. The best way to give bath to your baby is to put water on its body not putting its body into the water.

4. Cotton clothes

When it comes to clothing there are various types of fabrics available in the market but all types of fabrics doesn't suit baby's skin. Fabrics like silk and wool put rashes on baby's skin. I think cotton is the only fabric which suits every child and don't cause any harm to baby's skin. So always choose cotton clothes for your baby if you love your baby's soft skin.

5. Aloevera gel

Keep your baby away from beauty products, even baby products. These products have chemicals & these chemicals can react badly on baby's soft and delicate skin. Always go natural, instead of applying chemical apply aloevera gel on baby's body. It is the best way to keep your baby's soft skin safe.

These are the basics to keep your baby's soft skin safe. To achieve any milestone we have to perform our basics right. So perform the basics right and make your baby's skin softest. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Real Togetherness

World is going through a digital revolution. From ordering food to shopping everything has been digitized. Most of the services are just one click away. Everything is available on your finger tip now. In this process of digitization human relations has also been digitized. People living next to each other talk on Whats App daily but they don't talk with each other in person. These day a person's social media profile will tell you about him or her more about what he is in real life. As it doesn't matter whether a person is active in his real life or not but he or she will be definitely active on social media.

It applies to everyone including me. These days first thing I do after getting up is I check my Whats App. It has become the source to stay connected with my friends. My friends live in the same city but I meet them on social media more than in person. After college we used to meet once every week but in between we didn't met each other over a period of 6 months. We used make plans but it used to get cancelled due to some or the other reason. We were in touch with each other through social media but we were not together. Finally, one evening in winter all of us were at home and were doing nothing. So we decided to go for a coffee. Four of my friends came to my house to pick me up after a while & we were off to a long drive.

It was a cold evening. Thick woolen jackets and the heater of car were keeping us warm. We traveled to other part of the city and stopped at our favorite cafe. After six months we got together there was happiness in the air. We were laughing, pulling each other's leg while recalling old memories. We were discussing everyone's life, taking advice on our future plans. It was real togetherness. Cup of hot coffee was doing its job. After a long time we were together & we were enjoying it a lot. We got so busy in talking that we didn't realized, it has been three hours in the cafe. We realized it after coming out of it.

As we came out of that cafe cold evening became cold windy night. We were breathing out the smoke from our mouth due to cold. All of us were having fun. We went to the parking lot to get into the car but there we saw two children were shivering in one corner. On one side we were enjoying the cold while on other side that cold was brutal punishment for those children. Mother nature sometimes get brutal on some people. Those innocent faces were trying to sleep in that corner but were not able to due to cold. We were not going to leave those children in such condition. We covered them with our jackets. As they got those jackets they were feeling the warmth & that warmth brought smile on their face. After giving them the jackets we were there till they stopped shivering and fell asleep.

Their mother arrived after sometime. Parents of those children were pani puri vendors. They were busy selling pani puris outside. Even they had nothing to cover their bodies. Two of us gave jackets to shivering children while remaining three of my friends gave their jackets to the parents of those children. They thanked us and we ran towards the car as we started shivering in that cold. Heater of the car kept us warm on the way. After giving our jackets to them we were even more happy. It was a great feeling. Nature brought us together after a long time and it also helped us do something good together. I will never forget that night in my whole life. It was real a joy of togetherness.

Friday, 18 September 2015

StandUp Comedy

Stand-Up Comedy was defined to me by The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2006. It gave a new way to Stand-Up comedy. After that show more and more people started making career in Stand-Up comedy. Lots of talented comedians like Sunil Pal, Raju Srivastav, Sudesh Lahiri, Kapil Sharma etc came out of that show. As a child I was fond of that show. I still remember that I used to mimic Sunil Pal, Raju Srivastav and Naveen Prabhakar in my growing age. All these Stand-Up comedians enjoyed their period of fame. They were replaced by newer ones as the time passed. At the moment comedians Kapil Sharma, Bharti, Krishna & Sudesh are ruling the small screen. The Great Indian Laughter Challenge took Stand-Up comedy to the next level and gave us some great comedians who makes our day with their jokes.

The great Indian laughter challenge and all was way back in 2006 but today we are living in the world of internet & social media & we have totally different set of Stand-Up comedians who rule this world. Actually today we have two different types of Stand-Up comedians. One who rule small screen or television and the other type of Stand-Up comedians are those who rule the internet and social media. I joined twitter in 2010 and the people I followed first on twitter were Jose Covaco, Gaurav Kapur & Vir Das. I followed them first because I am a huge fan of their comic tweets. Slowly I came across the All India Bakchod group on twitter.

I followed Rohan Joshi, Tanmay Bhat & Khamba on twitter through Vir Das & Jose Covaco. I came across the videos of All India Bakchod through Rohan, Tanmay & Khamba. We all know how good All India Bakchod is when it comes to Stand-Up comedy. Apart from them there is Abish Mathew who I think as good as AIB. There are other comedians as well like Kanan Gill, The Viral Fever etc who rules the internet. They made their identity after 2010 via social media platforms like twitter, facebook and youtube. Apart from these social media platforms there are websites as well which are encouraging Stand-Up comedy. Last night I came across one such website. is a heaven for party animals. It is basically a website which provides you information about parties and nightlife. It provides you the information about great party destinations in the cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata & Hyderabad. It provides you party calendar, party guide, party hotspots, information about featured parties etc. It also teaches you how to make cocktails. If you are new in any of the above mentioned cities and you want to find a place to party then is the perfect site for you. has different section altogether for Stand-Up comedy. In that section you will find information about all the leading Stand-Up comedians in India who rules the internet. Apart from that there are articles on Stand-Up comedy from all over the world. Moreover there are outlets mentioned in that section in which these comedians perform their acts. Above that they are hunting for the next Stand-Up comedian. has organised comedy hunt on youtube. If there is comedian in you & waiting for an opportunity then here it is you can be next comedy superstar. Just log on to, Kanan Gill & AIB is waiting for you to guide how to participate in this contest. I mean what else a website can do to encourage Stand-Up comedy. Laughter is the medicine & I have found the dispensary to get that medicine daily.

Friday, 21 August 2015

4G is here.

3G is now a history as 4G has been launched in the country. Airtel is the first company to launch 4G in India. It has launched 4G across 296 towns of the country. 4G spectrum was auctioned in 2010 along with 3G spectrum. After that every company started the testing of 4G in different parts of country. Airtel started its testing in Kolkata in 2012. Mobile companies started launching 4G phones a while ago. All 4G phones possess pretty high band width. People started buying those phones but 4G services were still to be launched. Finally our wait is over as Airtel 4G is here.

Airtel launched 4G services in the first week of this month with a challenge that if you get the faster network than Airtel then Airtel will pay your phone bills whole life. Here, Airtel has hit the right spot. I mean we all know what kind of speed we get when we use 3G and this is 4G so it has to be the fastest network ever. 4G is all about speed. I can't ask for anything else if I get such speed which Airtel shows in its TVC.

For me network speed is must as internet has become basic necessity for me. Everyday I tweet, play online games, write, watch movies on youtube, read articles, search for data, surf various websites etc. Thus network speed must be high for me. I have experienced 3G speed but I was totally frustrated by it. Telecom companies says it is 3G but where their network is weak there they provide 2G network instead of 3G. So I used to see the circle of buffering most of the time in everything I do. These days I rely on wifi at my home and my workplace but I can't get it everywhere. So I was eagerly waiting to see the speed of 4G.

With the 4G speed under my hood I will tweet, play games online smoothly, watch movies on youtube without buffering, surf various websites at the same time, download data and pictures for my writing faster, watch live streaming of cricket matches, download cricket videos and highlights of the match etc. I am just waiting for my 4G enabled phone to arrive. As now I cannot wait to switch to Airtel 4G.

The best part of Airtel 4G is that it is available at the price of 3G. Due to this 2G users will also give a try to 4G as it is available at price of 3G. Now next thing is how to get a Airtel 4G sim? Getting a 4G sim is just a tweet away. You just need to tweet with hashtag #GetAirtel4G by tagging @airtelIndia in it. As soon as you tweet it Airtel people will get in touch with you immediately and will assist you to get 4G sim. The other way to get a 4G sim is by registering on Airtel's website. Airtel is doing free home delivery of a 4G sim. You don't have to go anywhere it will be delivered at your place. All you need to do is register for it. So what are you waiting for? Experience the fastest network ever today.

To register for 4G sim click here.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Dream Room

Renovation of my house is going on since last four months and we have reached that stage where interior designer is going to begin his work soon i.e. construction work is almost over. My Mom and Dad has already instructed the interior designer regarding how they want their room. My room is on the first floor and at the moment flooring and ceiling work is going on in my room. As the things are going out of budget so interior designer is going to do the interior work only on the ground floor. No one is going to ask me how I want my room as of now. I had planned a lot of things for my room.

My room is that corner in the world where I celebrate highs of my life and bring out frustration on my failures. It is the place where I dance the way I want to without worrying about anyone. It is the place where I used to hide chocolates. Its walls used to be my canvas where I used to draw and write whatever I felt like. My room has also been my playground where I used to practice my shots everyday. My room has witnessed my night outs during exams. While these days it witnesses my tensed sleepless nights. In short my room is that cozy corner in the world where I express my every feeling and emotion.

They say your room reflects your personality and my personality is largely dominated by two things. Cricket and Writing. Cricket and writing are two things I am passionate about. Actually these are the only two things in this world through which I express myself freely. Thus I want my room to reflect that. I want my room to be designed in such a way that it should reflect both the things. One part of my room should be sporty where I can get the feel of cricket stadium. In that part of a room there should be a T.V. and a wooden box where I can keep my cricket kit and display my trophies.

While other part of my room should be sleek where I can write peacefully. And this part of my room should have a bookshelf and a digital wall frame so that I can read blogs and other stuff on that digital space. In this way it will reflect both cricket and writing. After renovation I will carry on with old furniture and fixtures. For the time being the idea for designing my room has been dropped but in future whenever my room will designed, I would like to design my room in the way I have described it above.

I am participating in the Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio and BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can still be a part of this activity. Here's how.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Cheese Veg Pasta after Cricket

Sunday according to me is made for two things cricket and food. Every sunday of mine begins with cricket and ends with food. On 9th August, it was a final of a local tournament and my team reached final for the first time. Luckily it was my Sunday on the field. My team won that final remarkably. As far as my performance is concerned I picked up only one wicket but batted till the end to win it for my team. After winning that final we celebrated a lot. We ran all over the ground with stumps and bats to celebrate our victory. All of us were clicking slefies, pictures with the trophy after winning the match. It was very important for us as on the four occasions prior to that we were out of that tournament from quarters. It was the first time we reached the final and we won it. So everyone was happy.

When I reached home after celebrating that victory I was very hungry. I told mom that I want to eat pasta today. I eat pasta at home only as my mom makes pasta in Indian style. I don't like pasta made in italian style as they make it sweet. My mom makes it in Indian style and I call it 'cheese veg pasta.' While mom was making the pasta I was narrating her the story of our victory.

"This time paa has bought some new brand of pastas.," I said to mom in between of my story.

"Yes, it is Del Monte farfalle pasta.," Mom showed me the packet of that pasta.

I continued with my story then. Along with my story I was also keeping an eye on how mom is making those pastas. After finishing my narration I was into pasta only. For the first time I was taking interest in cooking. I told mom to tell me how she cook it. She started with ingredients.


1. Del Monte Farfalle Pasta.
2. 2 potatoes
3. 1 onion
4. Corn kernels
5. 2 tomatoes
6. Green peas
7. Salt
8. Red chilli powder
9. Turmeric
10. Garam Masala
11. Green coriander
12. Cheese
13. Cooking oil

Mom was told me about the ingredients while converting corn into kernels. After that she started with the steps to make the pasta.


1. First boil 3 litres of water with one and half table spoon of salt.

2. then put Del Monte farfalle pasta in it and boil it for 15 minutes on high flame.

3. While pasta is being boiled chop potatoes and onion in very small pieces and take out the kernels out of the boiled corn
(Mom boiled the corn earlier. You have to boil corn as well.)

4. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan on another burner, sauté chopped onion and potatoes in it until they turn somewhat brown.

5. Stir pasta in between and add cooking oil in it to prevent sticking.

6. Make the paste of tomatoes with blender until onion and potatoes get brownish texture.

7. Add tomato paste, green peas and corn kernels in to the frying pan after chopped potatoes and onion are brownish.

8. Now drain the boiled pasta, put it in the frying pan and mix it with that mixture.

9. Then add salt, red chilli powder and turmeric according to your taste. Moreover add garam masala to give it a flavour and taste.

10. Then mix it properly and cook it on the low heat for 5 to 7 minutes.

11. Lastly plate it and garnish it with cheese and green coriander.

"And here is your cheese veg pasta. Tell me how is it?," Mom brought the dish of pasta on the dining table.

I wore a chef's hat and said after having a bite of it "Mmmm. Garam masala has given it a perfect flavour and it blends well with vegetables. In short it's delicious."

"Thank you, Chef." Mom said and we started laughing.

Actually it made my sunday more eventful. On that day I came to know how much effort my mom gives in making such delicious dishes. It was a perfect treat after such a cricket match.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The fastest network ever.

4G smartphones are out in the market and I was hearing about the launch of 4G services as well. I was reading about it in the newspapers, watching it on news channels and there was buzz on social media as well. The news was that most of the companies are planning to launch 4G this year. Companies has started testing it in different cities or as they call it different circles. Thus the biggest question was who is going to launch it first? and when? Here is the answer. Airtel launches pan-India 4G services. Airtel 4G is launched in 296 towns across India. 4G telecom spectrum was auctioned in 2010. All the leading telecom companies including Airtel participated in it. Airtel started its testing of 4G in 2012 by launching its first 4G network in Kolkata.

Now Airtel has become first company to launch pan-India 4G services. After hearing this news first thing came into my mind was is it affordable? As in India lot of people can't even afford 3G they still use 2G services. By seeing the prices of 3G, people had a myth that 4G is going to be very expensive but Airtel has launched 4G at price of 3G. Airtel 4G has broken all the myths that 4G is going to be expensive as it is actually as the same price of 3G. So with Airtel pay for 3G and get the speed of 4G. Next thing came into my mind was the speed. I was wondering if 3G is so fast then how fast will be 4G? I knew that it is going to be faster than 3G anyway but are they really going to provide that speed? Airtel 4G TV commercial cleared all my doubts. There is an Airtel challenge that if your network is faster then Airtel will pay your bills for life. It is the fastest network ever.

Now how to get started with Airtel 4G? To get started with Airtel 4G first you need a 4G enabled smartphone, a 4G SIM and a 3G data pack. Airtel will deliver 4G SIM free of charge at your place. All you need to do is that you have to request for it on its website. If I think from marketer's point of view then I think its a great move from Airtel to launch 4G at the price of 3G. It will increase its market share as it will push the people to subscribe for 3G as they will get the speed of 4G in that price. Moreover it is the first company to provide 4G services across the nation and pioneers of the market always get the benefit.

As a user I just can't wait get my hands on Airtel 4G SIM. My brother has ordered 4G enabled smartphone and now I am requesting for a 4G SIM on Airtel website. I am dying to experience fastest net speed on a fastest network ever. You guys can also request for a SIM here.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

A huddle that unites cricket lovers.

Cricket is not just a game. It is like a religion. People are emotionally attached with this game in this country. Here, cricketers are given the status of god but they also become great villians if they are out of the world cup at the earlier stages. Every world cup win is celebrated like a festival. People celebrate victory on the road. They dance, they drive around the cities with Indian flags, they burn crackers to celebrate victory. Emotional connectivity is that much with the game.

Where people are highly emotional about the game then imagine at what people follow cricket in this country. In India, every cricket lover feels that he/she is an expert in the game. When any player gets out people will either say that he would have played different shot or will literally show you that if he had played like this shot instead of that one then he would have got four. Not only that there are tonnes of people on social media who share their thoughts on the game. Moreover there are very very talented bloggers who write about the game but unfortunately doesn't get the platform to express themselves.

Here is the platform for cricket writers. It is that huddle which unites the cricket writers around the world. It provides the platform to a cricket writer through which one can express his/her love for the game. You can keep yourself updated with what's happening in the world of cricket. You can learn from other writers, you can share stories, moments, views on the game. It's not a platform where you can talk about only international cricket. You can talk about anything related to the game. May it be a domestic cricket, district cricket, college cricket, school cricket, any local tournament or even a tennis ball cricket tournament. You can write anything about cricket. You can also share an untold story of the game, you can write about unsung heroes of the game or you can share a funny event happened on a cricket field.

If you write about the game and searching for a platform to share your stories then Cricket Huddle is that platform for you. Your article will be in front of the writers and readers around the world. Your writing will reach to cricket lovers around the world so imagine the amount of exposure you will get. So what are you waiting for? Come and join the huddle. Sign up on and get noticed. It is a platform for content creators, bloggers, players, fans everyone who loves cricket. Come on! Get into this huddle and celebrate cricket.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Playlist

Music is the best stress buster in this world. When I put headphones in my ears and hit the play button I go in some different world altogether in which I remove my stress. People who know me well knows that I don't like to dance. It is really tough to get me on the dance floor. No one knows one thing about me that sometimes I dance in my room like a mad man behind the closed doors depends on on how much happy I am. Apart from that I keep a playlist of more 350 songs in my car to keep myself cool and fresh while driving in traffic. That playlist has both old and new songs (most of bollywood). Out of that I have chosen few dance numbers to share with you.

1. Palat Tera Hero Idhar hai

It is a fantasy song for all the boys. This song describes what boys think when they are in front of girls. I am sure lot of guys has used its lyrics as pick up lines. It just freshen up the moment.

2. Desi Girl

I am a huge fan of Shankar Mahadevan. I think he is the best singer in this nation. Desi girl is sung by him and I love this song a lot. If you are straight then you will definitely fall in love with Priyanka after watching this song. It is that kind of song which makes my surrounding happier.

3. Tumhi Ho Bandhu

I never imagined that the prayer we used to sing in school will be such a trendy song and all of us will sing it in this way. Everything is just awesome about this. It's music, it's lyrics everything.

4. Abhi toh party shuru hui hai

The song made for party animals. You just can't stop yourself from dancing when you listen this song. The rap part of it has that energy which freshen up your moments and pulls you to dance floor.

5. Dhan Te Nan

I love the attitude of this song. The passion with which Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani has sung it is just amazing. This song just takes away my frustration. By the way Sindhis are good singers.

6. Taazgi ka dhamaka

I recently saw it on youtube. Though it is an advertisement of colgate but Allu Arjun's south Indian moves syncs well with Anushka Manchanda's voice. It is made with the purpose to spread the message of spreading freshness and it satisfies that purpose.

7. G Phaad Ke

When Govinda dance he brings smile on everyone's face. Here his moves fits well with this Sachin-Jigar's composition and overall makes it a great song.

8. Galla Goodiyan

I just love these kind of songs in Karan Johar and Farhan Akhtar movies in which lot of singers come together and sing a song. It is one of those songs which fills me with the energy.

9. Sooraj Dooba Hai

It is one of the most realistic song. Though I don't drink but I love this song. It is so realistic that it takes away my tiredness and give me the freshness I need.

10. Teri Meri Kahaani

This song is very close to my heart. Whenever I listen it I leave everything and just go with its flow. It makes me forget everything and let me go in my own world and when I come out of that world I come out as a fresh soul.

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Baby Massage

In 1996 my brother was born. At that time I was just 6 years old. Everyday grandma used to massage my brother with different types of oils. Due to that I was not allowed to play with him for that hour or so. I was not allowed to pick him up in my arms as everyone had a fear that he is going to slip out of my hands after that oiling. One day I asked grandma that 'Why do you massage his body daily?' She smiled and said 'You won't understand.' That answer from grandma hurt my ego. I was like how can she say that I won't understand. I am big enough to understand everything.

That day I followed her everyhwere to get my answer. She noticed that I am not going give up unless I get the answer. She finally stopped me from following her and said while pulling my cheeks 'I massage her body daily to make him cute and strong like you.' Ofcourse it wasn't the complete answer but my ego was satisfied with that answer. Moreover I got two complements cute and strong so I was more than happy. Then I was running in the whole house shouting 'my brother will be cute and strong like me.' When Paa came home at night I asked him 'Paa, you know why grandma massage little one daily?,' Paa replied 'No I don't know that.'

'Because the younger one will become cute and strong like me.' I said it to paa with all the cuteness I had at that time. It was way back in 1996 and an advertisement took me back in that moment. I was surfing net few days ago and I came across the advertisement of dabur baby massage oil. I opened that advertisement to know more about it. I came to know that olive oil is known to help provide the nourishment to the baby's skin. While almond oil is known for gently moisturizing baby's delicate skin and makes it soft and supple. These two oils provide the baby required nourishment.

After reading that I understood why grandma used to massage my brother with different types of oils. In that advertisement it was also mentioned that regular massaging helps in strengthening bones and muscles of  baby. Hence it cleared all my doubts I had in my childhood. Dabur massage oil is unique blend of premium natural oils like olive and almond. We all know Dabur always focuses on developing the products using natural ingredients. Dabur baby products doesn't contain Paraffin and Paraben. Apart from that it will keep away your baby's skin from artificial colours as Dabur prohibits the use of any form of artificial colours in any of its products. Thus it is safe and provide necessary nourishment to your baby. So open a spa at home for your baby with Dabur baby massage oil.

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Honey Diet

We all know how many diseases are around us today and we also know that how fatal are they. We really need to take care of our health under such circumstances. To take care of our health we need to eat healthy food. We need to live on balanced healthy diet. My family doctor always tell me not to eat out and always eat home made food. We don't listen to doctors until we fall ill. All of us eat fast food, junk food and every other type of food that is produced outside on streets or in restaurants. People say they just enjoy having street food. They don't know how much unhealthiness they are taking in.

Balanced healthy diet keep your body fit and if your body is fit then your mind will automatically be fit. If you don't follow balanced healthy diet your weight will increase. If your weight increase then you will suffer from obesity and obesity will give rise to lot of other illnesses. Obesity will bring whole chain of illnesses with itself. Here, I just gave the example of obesity. We all know that there are lot of such illnesses. So it is better to stay fit and habituate ourselves to balanced healthy diet.

Now how to know whether we are taking the balanced diet or not. Normally a human being needs 2200 to 2700 calories daily to live healthy life. First we should make sure that we are taking in this much amount of calories. Moreover while taking in those calories one needs to take care that we are taking in nutritious food. We have to take care whether we are taking proteins, carbohydrates and minerals in proper amount or not. People don't take all the nutrients in proper amount that's why there is a deficiency of one or the other thing in our body which again leads to different kinds of illnesses. These are those type of illnesses which come in a chain with one major illness.

People go on different kinds of diet to bring weight under control and to get habituated to balanced healthy diet. They hire dietitians as well for that. As people take in more calories in winter and less in summer. It is natural that we eat more in winter than summer. So in summer people go for crash diets to decrease their weight rapidly but in that too there are nutritional compromises. Then what to do to get diet which is balanced and healthy? Moreover it keeps our weight under control. Dabur introduces Honey Diet for that. It will help you to get balanced diet. Mainly it is made around honey because honey is your jackpot to health. Honey is enriched with best of nature's blessings. Hence honey is that delectable delight which is key to stay fit.

Honey Diet has calorie counter which will help you to calculate the calories of food you take in. Honey diet will show you the benefits of Honey. From weight management to beautiful skin honey has all the benefits. Moreover it also has recipes made with honey. Apart from that you can also make your diet plan on it. As it provides you diet planner. In short Honey Diet is a sweeter alternative to stay fit and young.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

How to balance life and cricket!

Cricket is a religion in this nation. It unites the whole nation in one spirit. It is a religion which binds people of all the religions in this nation together. In this nation people don't think about how to balance work and life but they think about how to balance cricket and life? People skip work, postpone family get-together, bunk tuition and even cancel a date just because of a cricket match. Best part of it is that it is loved by most of the people in India. For me cricket is not just a game it is my life. No matter whatever I do professionally I will be a cricketer by heart always.

This game has taught me a lot. Cricket doesn't only keep my body fit but it keeps my mind fit as well. Cricket puts me in such situations which gives me solutions to lot of real life problems. It has taught me to keep my nerves under control. Now I hardly panic in any situation of my life. Hence I rate cricket above all in my life. I try my best to watch every single game live. I have skipped work to watch quarter final and semi final of 2015 cricket world cup. I have bunked tuition to watch the final of t20 world cup in 2007. If there is a family get-together then I make sure that there is TV available to watch a match or I avoid that get-together. In short I can't live without cricket.

Sometimes it is inevitable to avoid some events, to skip work, to bunk tuition and school or cancel a date. At that time it really gets difficult for the cricket crazy person like me to stay connected with the game and watch it live. I can't watch it live everywhere mainly due to connectivity issues. Thus I keep myself updated with live score updates and for live updates I have tried and tested lot of applications. Applications which keeps me connected with the match. Most of the apps are not updating the scores live or not able to keep the pace with the match. They give the notification of the wicket after half an hour it actually had fallen. During that half an hour a lot happens in the match. It was quite frustrating for cricket crazy person like me.

We all know about UC browser. You can surf it all, surf it fast with UC Browser. It is faster, easy to use with seamless transitions. I am using it since long time but I didn't update it recently. Its update was awaited from long time. Few days ago I finally updated it. As soon as I updated it gave me the option of setting three notifications and one of them was UC Cricket. I customized only UC Cricket notifications out of the three. I customized it to see how well it works. I checked it in the recent tournaments. UC Cricket updates are fast, it goes with the pace of the match and covers the whole match on time. After using it I deleted all other apps which gave the score updates. Till now UC Browser for me was for fast surfing but from now onwards I can keep myself connected with the match as well with UC Cricket. Moreover it saved my phone space as I deleted all other useless apps. Use UC Browser to experience its multi-purpose functionality.

People who know me well also know that I adulate Yuvraj Singh. I can't hear a word against him. I follow him a lot and not only me lot of people follow him. Yuviacs, Yuvi also uses UC Browser, you don't believe me? See the video below.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Family Bonding

Family is not created by the relation of blood but it is created by the relation of love. There are lot of people who related by blood but they still have differences between them and there are people who are not related by blood but they live with each other like a family. The only difference between the two situations is of bonding. According to me family is most important in person's life and if there is no bonding in family then there is no meaning of living together. We notice that people get seperated from their own family. It happens due to the lack of bonding. Two people related by blood living in the same house stop talking to each other.

Once the bonding is reduced between the two family members then they will start hearing from others that what that family member talked about you in this manner. It starts creating differences between the two and ends up with seperation. Bonding brings any two people in the world closer. While in the family it creates the sense of togetherness. In my family my father is the back bone of our great bonding. He makes sure that everyday we should sit and talk with each other for atleast half an hour. During that time he will ask me about my day, about difficulties I am facing in job, about my future etc.

My father make sure that if we are in the same city then our whole family is having dinner together. He makes sure that me and my brother sits and talk with each other daily. He creates friendly atmosphere at home. According to me your mother and father are your true friends. You can talk to them any way you want to but they will always love you. No matter how you behave with them they will never cheat you as compared to your best friends of practical world. Best friends of practical world are your best friends till there is no competition between you guys but your mom and dad serve without any mean intention. Hence they are your true friends.

Relation between siblings also depends on bonding. If the bonding between them is right then they will always be their for each other. They will always stand by each other in hard times. It is responsibility of parents to make sure that the bond between their children is good. According to me a person is known by its family. Hence it is very important to have good bond with its family. As noone else come forward to help at the time of crisis except your family. Thus time spent with family is precious and that family bonding helps you achieve whatever you want to achieve in life.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Favourite Phone.

In today's world everyday there are changes in the mobile technology. If today you bought your new phone then its technology will become old tomorrow. In this fast changing world of smartphones you need a phone with advanced technology which is a step ahead of other phones in the market. While searching that step ahead smartphone. I came across Asus Zenfone 2. We all know how good Asus is when it comes to computers but it will be that good in smartphones too even I never imagined that.

In other phones I find maximum 4 or 5 features which impresses me but in Asus Zenfone 2, I found 10 features which blew me away. I know it is hard to believe but don't worry you will find the description all of those 10 features below.

5.5 inch Screen

Zenfone 2 has 5.5 inch IPS screen. If you want a phone (and not a tablet) then 5.5 inch screen is sufficient. It is a super anti scratch corning gorilla glass 3 screen with 20mn oleophobic anti finger coating. It has better scratch resistance than any other smartphone protection films in the market and its anti finger coating prevents the fingerprint on the LCD screen.


It has 64 bit intel atom super quad core processor. We have seen these kind of processors in computers only but Asus brings it in smartphone. You will feel the super power of 64 bit mobile computing. With the help of that apps will open quickly, games will run smoothly and you can effortlessly browse even busiest webpages.


It has 64 GB of internal memory with 4 GB RAM. Yes, you read it right 4 GB RAM. It is world's first 4 GB smartphone. Its like a monster power in your hand. Now your phone will not get slow even if you will run heavy loaded games like clash of clanes along with all the social media apps like facebook and twitter. Moreover with 64 GB of internal memory you can have all the apps and games you like.


Zenfone 2 has 13 MP rear camera. It comes with f/2.0 aperture lens and back sided illuminated high sensitivity BSI CMOS sensors for more light to be delivered through. It makes the experience of clicking the pictures amazing. Apart from 13 MP rear camera it has 5 MP front camera which will push you to take more and more selfies as it will take the quality of selfies to another level.

Intuitive rear controls

Zenfone 2 has highly intuitive control layout. Asus has incorporated a physical rear key in it. It helps clicking selfies and adjusting the volume. It will help clicking selfies in much better way. Now there is no need of keeping a finger on the screen while taking selfie as you can do it easily with that button. You can also adjust the volume with that button. Again it is one of the unique features which other smartphones do not have.

Operating System

Asus Zenfone 2 comes with android's latest version lollipop. Lollipop is the name of Android 5.0. Next version of  Android is being developed by google at the moment so it will take sometime to come out. Hence lollipop is going to be latest version of android for quite sometime.


3G is history now. All the telecom companies are about to launch 4G in India but don't worry Zenfone 2 is not behind in that too. It supports 4G and allows you to download at its fatest speed of 150 mbps. Didn't I mention that it is one step ahead from other smartphones.


Zenfone 2 has 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual band which gives you super fast Wi-Fi hotspot capability. So your phone can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot as well that too with awesome speed. You can connect all the devices of your house by using your Zenfone 2 as hotspot.


Asus Zenfone 2 has 3000 mAh Li-Polymer battery with BoostMaster fast charging technology. It charges upto 60% in just 39 minutes. One it has the best and the most long lasting battery among other smartphones and second this is it charges faster. We use smartphone by keeping 'how much charging is left' in mind but when you have this kind of battery then there is no need to worry about charging.

User Interface

Asus Zenfone 2 comes with Asus Zen UI 2.0. It has 1000+ software enhancements. It has services like photo collage, mini movie, super note and file manager. Moreover it has amazing themes to customize your phone. It will manage files on phone and will make it look good. Moreover it is very user friendly too.

Is there anything else you want in phone? It's not just a smartphone it is a super smartphone. Now you would be thinking the price of this phone would be around 60K but actually it comes in half of that. Asus Zenfone 2 comes in four different variants and its costliest variant is of Rs. 30K. At the moment it is my favourite phone and I am going to get it soon. What about you?

Tiramisu - A delicious dessert.

Cake. Whenever I hear that word my dil goes mmmmm. When I see the cake I can't resist myself from having a bite. I wonder how a person would have come up with an idea of cake. The soft base made of flour and eggs mixed with cream and decorated with chocolate and nuts. So yummy. When that thing goes in my mouth it takes me in some another world. It creates some kind of temptation in me. Cake is one of the best things created in this world. I eat cake when someone bake it for me or when I buy it from some cake shop. I am thinking of baking a cake for sometime now but whenever I think of it the fear of going something going wrong follows. Cake is made with lot of care and if anything goes wrong in the process then it will turn into disaster.

As they say where there is a will there is a way. As I was thinking of baking a cake I came across this recipe in food section of Tiramisu. It is written in its recipe only that tiramisu is that kind of desert you could never go wrong with, whether you are an expert baker or not. It gets ready in six hours and thirty minutes. You require six or seven ingredients depending upon whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. As its seventh ingredient is eggs. To make Tiramisu you need three egg yolks (optional), 500 gm Mascarpone cheese, 3 tbsp castor sugar, 400 ml espresso, 250 gm Savoiardi biscuits, 6 tbsp Amaretto liqueur and 80 gm dark chocolate shavings.

Now take a mid sized mixing bowl and in that mix mascarpone cheese, castor sugar and the egg yolks with an electric beater or by hand till peaks are formed. Keep that bowl aside after the peaks are formed in it with the help of beater. Then take a flat dish and in that mix the coffee and Amaretto liqueur. After that dip half of the Savoiardi biscuits into this mix and arrange in a serving dish. Spread half of the cheese and sugar mixture evenly over biscuits. Make another layer after that and for that dip the remaining biscuits in the coffee mixture. Finish off with rest of Mascarpone and sugar mix. Cover it with the plastic wrap and refigerate for at least six hours.

Tiramisu gets even better with refigeration. After six hours of refigeration Tiramisu will be ready to serve but sprinkle with dark chocolate shavings before serving. It is difficult to get Savoiardi biscuits so you can use poind cake instead of them. I think this dish is going to make a cook soon as I am definitely going to try it. Tiramisu is mostly used as a dessert and there are many versions of this yummy dessert and all the versions are easy to make. I would recommend you to try your hand at it and see how you can improvise and make the best Tiramisu.

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Monday, 29 June 2015

An outdoor sport is the key to healthy life.

These days diseases spread like a lightening. Diseases like swine flu and chicken guinea are getting invented on the regular intervals. Hence it is important to keep ourselves fit and healthy because these days one disease give an invitation to others. For example if you don't care about your increasing weight then you are going to suffer from obesity and obesity will bring whole chain of diseases with itself. If you take care of your increasing weight and bring it under control on time then you can avoid obesity and its chain of diseases. Not only that it will increase your immunity as well.

Now how to stay fit and healthy? People try lot of things to stay fit and healthy. People join gym, try different kinds of tablets and powders etc to stay fit and healthy. Actually all these things are very addictive and harmful for the body. People go to gym to reduce their weight but gym make the body stiff and once you stop going at gym, your body will gain the weight faster than ever. And with different kinds of tablets and powders you are making your body habitual to them. You are creating an addiction for them which is very harmful for you. So the best way to keep your body fit and healthy is by playing an outdoor sport.

An outdoor sport keeps you fit both ways physically as well as mentally. It is the natural way to keep your body fit and healthy. Neither it will make your body addictive nor your body will gain the weight faster than before. Moreover it is not all harmful for your body. I keep my body fit and healthy by playing cricket. I love that game and I am playing it for years now. It streches every muscle for my body. It burns all the calories of my body in just half an hour. Hence I can maintain my weight by just playing it for half an hour. It helps me gettimg vitamin D if I play it in morning.

Cricket doesn't only keeps me fit physically but mentally as well. I learn a lot from the game it helps me to keep presence of mind in every situation, it motivates me to take risks, it helps to keep my nerves calm in the most toughest situation in real life. There have been phases in my in which I have stopped playing it for couple of months but I have never experienced significant increase in my weight due to that. So I recommend to all the people to play an outdoor sport to keep yourself fit. Play that sport which you love may it be football, tennis, badminton, kabaddi or any other outdoor sport. It will surely keep you fit and healthy both physically as well as mentally. An outdoor sport is the most natural way to lead an healthy life.

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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Smart Water Bottle

I use lot of Proctor and Gamble products. Head and Shoulders, Gillette, Duracell & Oral-B. I use all of them and on every product they mention the website So one day I decided to check the website. I checked it and found lot of interesting and useful articles. While going through the articles I found one article named as Make a smart water bottle in crafts section. We all know how much important it is for us to drink water in summer. We need to take in certain amount of water compulsorily to keep ourselves hydrate during summer. Now to keep track of how much water you have actually drunk we have this concept of smart water bottle.

To make smart water bottle take two plastic water bottles, masking tape of different colours, scissors and a marker. Use masking tape and make three graduations on each bottle. Make the graduations equal. It will divide the bottle in five parts. Ultimately you will obtain five equal volumes of water to drink one volume of water every hour. Use the marker to mark the time on the bottle for each volume of water. For example if you are on a 9 to 5 job then start marking from 10 a.m. and from 10 a.m. go on till 5 p.m. There will be ten volumes of water and you can drink one volume of water every hour on your ten hour job.

I don't get pure water at my work place. I try my best to avoid that impure water as I often used to fall sick because of that impure water. I used to suffer from tonsils every month. This summer I suffered from diarrhoea and due to that doctor asked me to do some tests. In those tests he found out that I drink very less water. I told him about the impurity of water at my work place is the reason for that. After getting cured from diarrhoea I decided to take two water bottles with me at my work place. So that I don't drink water there. It has been a month since I am taking two water bottles at my work and I haven't fallen sick since then.

Now this article will help me to keep the track of water I take in daily. Sometimes it happens that I get so busy in work that I do not consume water for 2-3 hours. Hence it will also push me to consume certain volume of water every hour. This article will keep me hydrated during the summer in the most interesting way. Moreover I will get habituated to take in certain amount of water every hour with these smart water bottles.

If you want to see how make a smary water bottle then click here.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

It's my dad's birthday

Today is my dad's 51st birthday. He has crossed 50 years but he don't have even a single white hair on his head. So I am a son 51 years young father. Since the day has begun I am trying to celebrate it the way likes to celebrate it. I made him cut chocolate cake last night in the presence of our family only. By god's grace the shirt was delivered today which I ordered online three days back. So I presented that in the morning. He love being in formal clothes so I decided to go for a formal shirt. Since morning I am recalling all the moments which I have lived him.

My grandma used to tell me that when I was born my father don't used to play with me like other fathers. He never even picked me in his arms. As I was growing up he was very strict to me like an angry young man. He never compromised on my studies. He himself used to teach me all the subjects in my childhood. He always wanted me to be a ranker of a class but I never was. I was rather a notorious guy in the class. So every year teachers used to call my father to complain and he used to hate that. When I reached in 8th standard then I realised that he is feeling ashamed because of me. Teachers are insulting him because of me. I stopped doing mischiefs in class then.

In 11th standard there was parents meeting after the first term results and there he saw my name on the board. I got highest marks in accountancy in the whole school. At that moment he was so proud of me that his was sparkling with happiness. He couldn't resist smiling for whole day. Finally he dream was fulfilled. As I became young he became my best friend. He became my guide. He used to sit with me every day and ask me hows my day?, is there any problem? etc. He still do so. I started sharing everything with him freely. He made me headstrong person. He taught me to live life with self respect. He sacrificed his dreams to fulfill mine.

Over the years in the process of satisfying needs of family he adopted simplicity. He has gone above materialism. Whenever I have to buy a gift for him I have to think a lot. I have to keep in mind that I buy that thing for him which he actually going to use. For him cutting the cake and shirt is immaterial. What he will actually cherish is the hug which I gave him last night. I hugged him and said I am going to be with you always. I saw that sparkle in his eyes again after that hug. So I think hug is the best gift for my father.

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Monday, 22 June 2015

Hug is the best gift for my father

For me, my father is above everything in this world. He is my teacher, my guide, my friend, my role model, and my inspiration. He has done everything for me he could have and he is still doing that for me. He is a backbone of my life. He has nurtured me into what I am today. He has made uncountable sacrifices in his life to give me the life I lead today. Grandpa left this world when my father was five. So my father never got the love of father but he made sure that I never miss my father in life. He has played a role of a father to my chachu and bua as well. He is one of the greatest person in the world.

He has faced a lot in his life. Life is not going to be easy when you loose your father at the age of five. Childhood is the best phase in anyone's life but for my fatger life's struggle began from his childhood only. Where children normally do not have any worries in their childhood, my father had all the worries in his childhood. He started earning when he was in 10th standard. World was so cruel to him that he wasn't even given the shop which my grandpa bought as a security. That shop was illegally captured by brothers of my grandpa. So my father had no other option than to start earning at such a small age.

My father was a brilliant student in the school. He was a topper in 10th standard. He wanted to become a doctor but he dropped science in 11th standard because he had no money to study it. Moreover at that time the need of the hour was to earn to survive. So he did B.Com and became a banker. After getting a job in State Bank of India he got married. The task didn't end there. Chachu and Bua was relying on him. He helped chachu in finding a job. Chachu got a good job with the help of his references. While bua got married to a nice guy on time with the help of his efforts.

In the process of living upto everyone's expectations and fulfilling his responsibilities my father has forgot to live for himself. He has killed all his dreams and aspirations. My father has lived for others all his life. He has gone above materialism. His needs are not materialistic. He just want love and affection from us. Hence hug is the best gift I can give to my father. I will hug my father to thank him for everything he has done for me. I will hug my father for everything he has faced. I will hug my father for being the strongest pillar of our lives despite facing a lot. I will hug my father to assure him that I will always be there for him in his old age.

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

How to get Radiant Skin.

Radiant Skin. Everyone dreams of having radiant skin. No oil, no pimples, no blackheads just clean and clear face. We don't get it as our skin has to face sun, dirt and pollution everyday. So getting radiant skin is just a dream. It is like impossible to save your face from dirt, pollution and sun then what to do to get clean & oil free skin? I will tell you what I do keep my skin clean and oil free.

I cover my whole face whenever I go out to save my face from dirt, pollution and sun. I wash my face a lot to remove dirt from it. I wash it before going out, I wash it after coming home from outside and I wash it whenever I feel like. To hide blackheads I don't shave my face for more than 20 days in a month. It is a trend of having a bearded face so it is cool to keep beard on your face but when this trend will go off I had to find something else to hide blackheads from my face. After trying everything I try these natural things to keep my skin clean and oil free but radiant skin (in which I have nothing to hide) is not even closer.

Few days ago I was ordering a face wash online for my brother and while doing that I came across VICCO turmeric cream with foam base. I wanted to know more about that product so I opened its description. Its description was like "Its ayurvedic formula combined with microbicide properties of turmeric prevents oily skin, fights pimples and clears blackheads". I knew ayurveda is better than cosmetics. Ayurveda has various benefits over cosmetic facial cleansing regime. Cosmetic facial cleansing regime is harmful to skin while Ayurveda facial care regime improves the texture and health of skin. Moreover we all know that from how many years VICCO is bringing ayurvedic products in the market. It is one of the oldest and trusted brands in India. So it was worth trying. Hence I ordered it as well along with my brother's face wash.

I recieved it two days after placing the order. I am using it regularly since then. I think it has been seven odd days and I have already witnessed the difference. It has removed pimples from my face, there is no oil on my facial skin and it has started clearing blackheads from my face. I use it after coming home from work and from morning till evening my face faces everything dirt, pollution and sun. It becomes dull in the evening and VICCO turmeric cream removes that dirt and oil from my face and gives it fresh look. I am very much happy with its result. By the time the trend of bearded face will go off my skin will be radiant and I won't have anything to hide. I think everyone should use it because not only it brings you closer to radiant skin but it saves your face from harmful cosmetics.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Waiting lounge on its feet.

In the last week of April I was coming back to Ahmedabad from Pune. My ticket was booked in tier II in a 2 a.m. train from Pune by my agent but the ticket was not confirmed. My agent assured me that my ticket will get confirmed as there was only one waiting in tier II. I left my training centre in Pune well before time and reached Pune station by 10:00 p.m.

Before leaving the training centre I watched two movies of South's superstar Allu Arjun. Both the movies were action packed. I was watching Allu Arjun's movies for the first time. I didn't expected him to be superb dancer. I mean if you watch south movies then you expect action but sensational dance moves from south Indian actors is rarity. Allu Arjun was swift on his feet. His moves were awesome. Apart from that I don't know why but Anushka Manchanda's 'Na jane' song from the movie I, me aur main was playing in my head since morning. My energy that day was at different level. There was excitement of going back home.

By the time I reached station reservation charts were out. First thing I did at station was I checked the charts. My name was not in that list. I checked PNR status and it was same. It still showed WL1. In simple terms my ticket got cancelled rather than getting confirmed. I was standing at Pune station. I had to catch a train at 2 a.m. but at 10:30 I came to know that my ticket has not been confirmed. It was a new city for me, I didn't know anyone there. It was a panic alert but I didn't panic in that sitiation. I called my agent. Before I say anything to him he started apologising and that calmed me down. He asked me to reach Mumbai anyhow. He said he said there is a flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad at 5:30 in the morning and he was booking ticket in that flight. It was the best option among all. I stood in a queue to get the ticket to Mumbai but I wasn't able to get the ticket as railway staff went on a break of half an hour when I was almost there.

11:00 p.m. As there was a break at station I went at bus depot opposite to railway station. Last bus to Ahmedabad departed at 10:15 but there was a bus to Mumbai at 11:30. I bought the ticket of that bus and informed my agent that I have got the bus to Mumbai. He mailed me that air ticket and went to sleep. I was finding the ways to reach to airport and that man was sleeping. He knew he can relax only till I reach Ahmedabad then he was gone. I reached Mumbai at 2:00 a.m. I knew Mumbai is a city which never sleeps but still it was odd time to land in any city. I booked a cab to airport online in the bus only. It was safest option to airport at that point of time. After reaching airport I got a print out of ticket thanks to cooperative and highly supportive staff and then I reached to waiting lounge to relax a bit. I was in the lounge by 3:15 and after all the chaos I was sitting in the lounge and was trying to remove the stress.

Allu Arjun entered the lounge. I was surprised to see him in Mumbai. I didn't knew where he was going but even at that point of time he was charged. He was walking here & there in the lounge using his phone. Suddenly someone turned TV into a sound mode from a mute mode and on TV Anushka Manchanda's 'Na jane' was playing. The song is so well sung by Anushka that everyone's foot was tapping. Allu Arjun was busy with his phone call. As soon as he heard that song after his call he started shaking his leg. "Hey, it is one of my favorite songs." He shouted. "Na jane kahan se aaya hai, Na jane kahan ko jayega, deewana kisse banayega yeh ladka." He started singing along with dancing. He brought the whole waiting lounge on its feet with his energy at 3:45 in the morning. The airport staff also gathered in numbers to see him dance.

Then he came and pulled me from my arm to join him in that act. I woke up saying "no no...". When I looked around after opening my eyes everyone in the waiting lounge was looking at me then I realised it was just a dream. It was an embarrassing situation. So I put my head down and checked my mobile and it showed 4:12 a.m. I saw that dream because I saw couple of Allu Arjun movies and that Anushka Manchanda song was playing in my head all the time. So it was somewhere in mind and it came out as my imagination during that power nap. Though it was embarrassing but it brought that energy and excitement back in me which lasted till I reached home.

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