Thursday, 31 August 2017

Things To Know When You Buy Water Purifiers Online

Buying the water purifier has become heck of a task. Companies promise lot of things but purity of water is still questioned and when you try to buy water purifier online, difficulties are going to increase. Recently, we needed a water purifier at our home and factory. When it comes to buying appliances, I trust only companies' websites (not shopping websites). So I started checking the websites of different companies to get best water purifier for home and factory. With multiple water purifiers available in the market, it becomes essential to know and choose best water purifier for home and factory. And to avoid duplicacy in online market, it is important to buy it from company's website.

Water is of paramount importance in our life and when one of our customers found dirt in the glass of water, we realised the importance of pure water. It was embarrassing when he demanded the bottle of mineral water. At that moment, I was searching for water purifier websites on factory's PC. He saw that and recommended me to log in to livpure website. He said livpure provides best water purifiers in India. We had water purifier at our factory but it wasn't the best. With its quality of cleaning water, it was clear that every water purifier has its own pros and cons. Due to rapid depletion of global supply of fresh water, pure drinking water has become very important.

There are numerous harmful diseases caused due to impure water. And we didn't want to affect the efficiency and immunity of our workers with impure water. Not only factory, we wanted best water purifier for home as well. On our customer's recommendation, I researched about livpure. In that research, I found out that livpure with its water purifiers ensures that they transform normal tap water into clean and healthy drinking water. Livpure strives to make every Indian healthy and ensure to improve their lifestyle through pure water and air. It ensured me that Livpure understands the importance of clean drinking water and produce the best water purifier in India.

I ordered two water purifiers from livpure's website. One for factory and one for home. It had variety of purifiers as per my need. In factory, we needed the purifier as per the number of workers and at home, we needed 2 in 1, wall mounting as well as table top purifier. I got both from livpure's website and installed them at factory and at home. Since then, staff is complaining less about illness, labour turnover has decreased and family's immunity has also increased. Now, staff at factory is happy, family at home is happy and we are ensured that we are drinking clean and healthy drinking water.

Now after that experience. Let me tell you the things to keep in mind while buying water purifiers online:
1. Compare the different purifiers.
2. Read the customer reviews and feedbacks.
3. Check, whether it satisfies your need or not.
4. Buy it from company's website (not shopping websites).
5. Research and choose the best water purifier for home and office.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Suicide - An end to everything

25th June, 2016. It was a Saturday morning. I was at home and was planning weekend with my friends of whatsapp. While typing the message in F.R.I.E.N.D.S group, I got a call from one of the fellow commuters. My workplace is 80 kms away from my native city. So I commute to that place via train. As I commute daily via train, a group is formed of eight people who commute via same train. We share seats, eat snacks together & share our experiences to pass the time. "Hello Paresh, Vermaji ne suicide kar diya."  I heard those words when I picked up that call. My mind was in the plan of movie so it took some time to take in those words. "Kya?" I was shaken a bit and was not able to believe what Darshan bhai said. "Vermaji ne suicide kiya hai." He repeated that again. I was still not ready to believe it. "Kaun? Ishwar Verma?" I asked him again with Vermaji's first name to confirm that Darshan bhai is talking about the person who commute with us.

"Haan. Kal raat woh walk karne riverfront gaye and there he jumped in the river." Darshan bhai told me the whole story. I asked time and place of cremation and hung up the call. After the call, Vermaji's pictures were flashing in front of my eyes as my mind had become a dvd player and it was playing a movie of his memories, his talks, his walking style, his sitting style etc. Vermaji was a distrcit registrar in state government and I have had met him a day before only in the train. He was commuting with us since last couple of years. He didn't allow anyone to get the feeling of what he was going through. He was normal. There wasn't even a single sign on his face of worry, frustration, disappointment, suffering or guilt. Thus I was thinking what led him to take that step? Why he decided to quit and gave away his life?

Next morning, I read the news in the newspaper after coming back home from Vermaji's cremation. In that article there was a picture of his suicide note.

Politicians has put me in trouble.
They have forcefully taken my signatures in one of the corruption cases.
They want to put all the blame on me.
A police officer is torturing me mentally since last one and a half month.
They have taken away a father from my children and a husband from my innocent wife.

I was shocked to read that note because in train while commuting, he used to talk about his retirement in January, 2017 and promotion he is going to get. Vermaji was pretty satisfied and happy with his job that's why that note shocked me. He seemed to be a non corrupted officer and tag of corruption was not acceptable to him. So the tag of corruption and mental torture forced him to take that step.

I am sharing this story because I just finished reading a book called The Story of A Suicide. Vermaji's story established a connection between me and that novel. The Story of A Suicide is a novel written by Sriram Ayer keeping today's youngsters or youth in mind. It revolves around four characters Hari, Charu, Sam and Mani. Sam is a rich tech geek who had just completed his pursuing his studies, Charu is beautiful, charming and blunt girl with very strong views, Hari is very conservative and introvert type of a guy who has just completed his graduation and Mani is a scholar who is trying to get used to english language. All these characters get together in one of the reputed colleges of Chennai for further studies. They get into a web of love, passion, revenge and deceit and it ends with a suicide. It is a very gripping story. I am not an avid reader. I hardly complete any novel. I leave them in between and forget about it but this story was really interesting. It had the capacity to hold me till the end. If the novel is interesting and has the capacity to hold me till the end then I complete it in one day. And I completed The Story of A Suicide in just one day.

I hear or read about suicides almost every day. Suicides specially of the people who are in their twenties or thirties and I can relate to them as I am in the same age group. We are expressive, passionate, independent, fearless and fame hungry. And to achieve that fame, we part our ways from our family and the people who love us. We are living in the world which is not easy. It makes unreasonable demands. Therefore, we all are struggling in the fields like education, relationships, jobs etc. We all are fighting our fights in this big bad world. So rather than fighting with each other, we should be a support to each other. Everyone feels lonely at some stage of life. So rather than making life more difficult, we should stand by each other. We might not share our struggles with everyone but we should surely share a joke and make people laugh. According to me, we can deal with this kind of life only by spreading happiness in each other's lives. So be a reason for someone's smile and make this life bearable and liveable.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Being In Nature

Nature is getting vanished slowly and naturally. Green cover on earth is getting destroyed every single day. Thus we are seeing drastic changes in climate. We are facing global warming. Nature is being destroyed naturally these days. Today people have become so mean because of materialism that they don't care about anything but their needs. And needs are endless in this world. We have destroyed forests to create a jungle of concrete. Every other day in my area I see a board of new builder starting a new project by cutting the trees. Due to that ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner and proportion of carbon di oxide is increasing.

We are killing the animals for their skins, meat etc. We are injecting them to grow faster. It is affecting the life cycle of lot of other animals. For example, we don't hear the chirps of sparrows anymore. We don't find them anymore. I remember, I used to get up hearing chirps of sparrows during my school days. Factories are polluting air, contributing to the maximum level in increasing carbon di oxide. Today people dance madly on roads in loud music. They think they are enjoying but they are only contributing to noise pollution. We have stopped getting proper rain of water since last couple of years because whole year we produce the rain of sand and concrete.

I love being in nature. It sounds like being in love and according to me it is the same thing only. Being in love is your world is surrounded by the person or people who love you the most. In that world, there is nothing but the happiness. Similarly being in nature is like your world is surrounded by the greenery and fresh air. In that world too, there is nothing but the happiness. We appreciate man made marvels but we have stopped appreciating nature's marvels. Actually we are destroying nature's marvels. In monsoon, I often witness peacock calling for rain and in few minutes of that, rain starts. How incredible and amazing this connection is between nature and peacocks.

There would be more such connections between the living creatures and mother nature. I want to discover those connections. I always dream of spending my life in nature. I want to be in God's own country (Kerala). I want to go to the heaven on the earth (Kashmir). I want to drive on the roads of Ladakh. I want to see dancing clouds in Leh but I crave for these things in metro cities. As nature is being destroyed in metro cities, I am afraid that soon it will be destroyed from all over the world. People are not realising that by destroying nature, they are destroying their own existence slowly. And without nature, materialism will have no value. I hope people start realising that and start preserving the nature. So that we can start living in nature again.

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Are you in a search of a Taxpert?

I started earning in 2013 but my income became taxable in 2015. I work as an accountant in an insurance company. Tax was deducted from my salary every month from the mid of 2015 after I got my increment. That financial year ended with March this year and in May, I got my form 16. As I got my form 16, my father asked for it as he had to file the IT return. My father used to file IT return since I started earning. This time I asked him, "My income has become taxable from last financial year then why are filing my IT return since 2013? And what is the meaning of filing it when we are paying the tax?" I didn't knew the benefits of filing the IT return. I thought it's just waste of time when the tax is deducted from our salary and we are paying it honestly.

"I will claim the income tax refund with the help of IT return. Earlier income tax refund was a myth. It was deducted from next tax amount we pay but these days it is being credited in our bank accounts. And without IT return we are not going to get income tax refund." My father replied. "OK, we are going to get my refund this year but why you used to file IT return earlier?" I asked that again. "Filing IT return is the fundamental duty of every earning individual in this country. It is a proof that you are paying the tax timely and honestly. Whether the income is taxable or not. One should file the IT return. Sometimes government asks for IT return of last 3 years or 5 years for certain tax exemptions and reliefs. So we should be having IT returns of previous years to get those benefits. Moreover it is must to get a loan from bank. Apart from loan, It can be used as a proof to get a visa." My father explained me the benefits of filing IT return.

"I take the pledge now that I will file IT return every year as soon as I get the form 16." I brought my right hand in front and took a tax pledge. It brought a smile on my father's face. "If you are done with your drama then mail me your form 16 so I can file the IT return." My father said this while opening his laptop. "How do you file it?" I asked as he opened google chrome in his laptop. "I file it online through H&R Block." He replied while opening H&R Block's website. "What's the role of H&R Block in this?" I heard the name for the first time. "Where do you e-file your office's tax?" My father asked. "I file it through JK securities." I answered his question. "As JK securities e-file your office's tax, similarly H&R Block e-file our income tax and produce IT return." My father explained me through my work only.

"They are the tax experts." My father described H&R Block. "Oh! You mean Taxperts." I started it again. "Yes. You can say that. Now mail me your form 16 fast." My father after uploading his form 16 on H&R Block. I mailed him form 16 and he uploaded my form 16 as well. In this way we filed our IT return. I think everyone should take tax pledge like me. If one have any query or doubt or want to know anything regarding IT return or filing IT return then try H&R Block. So take the tax pledge and file the IT return now.

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Laptop under 10K

Yes, you read the title right. Laptop under 10K. Which laptop is available under 10K, I will tell you later. First, I will tell you about how I found that laptop. Recently, my brother completed first year of his college and entered in the second year. "Bhai, I need a laptop." My brother said to me on the second day of his second year in college. I understood his need. Laptop is required in college. One have to do various projects, research, there is study material, notes in form presentations, documents and spreadsheets. So one need laptop in college. Here, the problem was that we had bought two mobiles of Rs. 25K and one tablet of Rs. 30K in the span of last six months. So a new laptop around 50K was emptying our pockets.

I suggested my brother to go for a mini laptop with 10-inch screen around Rs. 15K. He started searching for that. He started visiting stores, he searched websites and he shortlisted some mini laptops. After shortlisting mini laptops, my brother took suggestion from his friends before buying one. One of his friends suggest him RDP Thin Book and told him that its price is just Rs. 9999. That friend's budget was also 15K. My brother asked me to get the complete specifications of that laptop as he thought it is some made in China product. So I visited RDP's website and I was surprised to know that it is an Indian company providing laptop for just Rs. 9999. I checked its specifications and I found that it has 14.1 inch display which is much bigger than 10 inch mini laptops.

It has resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It has Intel quad core processor with 2gb ram and 32gb storage. It is the windows 10 based laptop. Graphics in thin book are provided by Intel HD graphics and it also includes a web camera and a Bluetooth.  Thin Book has 10000 mAh battery. Moreover Thin Book has revolutionary design with glossy fiber and elegant edges as per ergonomics. Company claims that Thin Book is India's first ultra slim laptop in India at a budget price of Rs. 9999/-. When I described all these features to my brother. He said, "it is worth going for." He explained with his logic, "We spend 20 - 25K on a mobile and throw it away in two or two and a half years. While this laptop is just under 10K and it is an Indian product. So we should go for it."

We have pre ordered it. I know no big names are associated with it but my brother is right. It is worth going for. It is not a chinese product. And who give you a laptop (which is not China) at just Rs. 9999. RDP is India's leading IT hardware manufacturing company. I am sure RDP would have designed this product for tier 2 and tier 3 city people who have not tried a laptop simply because it is too expensive. Being an ethnocentric, I give thumbs up to Thin Book. I feel more and more Indian companies should come up with such products so that we can kick Chinese products out of this country.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Online Shopping

Online sopping is on the rise. There was 66% rise in 2015 and 78% rise is expected this year. This is the overall rise. Forget this overall rise. Let's come to the thought process of the individual when it comes to online shopping. How an individual thinks while shopping online? There are couple of perspectives to it. A guy's perspective and a girl's perspective. A guy's perspective towards online shopping is that it saves time, it saves effort, it saves money. It is the best thing for us. A girl's perspective towards online shopping is I don't get size, I don't get variety, it doesn't allow me to see new malls. So it is best for guys only. This is the perspective while shopping apparels online.

These days online market is not limited to apparels only. It has expanded its horizons. Food delivery, grocery, mobile recharge, Bill payment etc happens with just few clicks and in that the perspective of a guy and a girl is the same. We get cash back, it saves money, it saves time. So it is the best for us. Let's comeback to the online shopping of apparels as it is the largest online market at present. Now what I find when I buy clothes or shoes online. I try to get big brands in my budget and big shopping websites offer that opportunity by giving big discounts. They provide various discount coupons on different designs and brands. They provide coupon codes and promotional codes to apply those discounts.

A lot of times it has happened with me that I buy something and then I realise that if I have used this coupon then I would have got this much discount. If I would have applied this coupon then I would have got the shoes of so and so brand or this website was offering more discount on the same thing which I bought from that website. I am sure even you would have gone through this. So what's the solution for this? Is there a place where we get the coupons sorted out? Yes. There is a website called Couponmint offers more than 8000 live coupons and offers to more than 1200 online stores and services in more than 80 categories. All of the coupons, deals and offers to major online retailers and service providers are verified and updated regularly to ensure that they are still active.

The site also offers a price comparison feature and cashback offers. Couponmint is built for smart people who save money while shopping. We in India search for coupons while shopping online and couponmint helps us to do that. One who loves to save money by using coupons needs to sign up on couponmint's email to receive notices on the latest online coupons discount offers and deals. Couponmint is providing online consumers the best information so that they can save money, where and when ever they need it the most. Couponmint's motto is 'No Bargaining, Only Couponing, Saving and discounting. So if you have the same motto then use couponmint to save money while shopping online.

Friday, 3 June 2016

redi-GO at exhibition

Vacation 2016. It was a name of exhibition organised in Ahmedabad in the last week of May. It was a first of its kind exhibition. There were stalls of almost everything in that exhibition. From food to apparels to grocery to automobiles, there were stalls of almost everything. My cousin had also booked one stall in that exhibition. He had launched a new brand and he was promoting it through that stall. He has invited everyone in the family to visit his stall. Thus me and my uncle decided to visit his stall on the last Sunday of may. We decided to go early in the evening as uncle had some work at night. We reached at the ground where exhibition was held by 5:30 in the evening.

The theme of the exhibition was based on roman culture. It depicted Venice city of Rome. We entered the exhibition and started searching the way towards my cousin's stall. It was in S block. We started from A and we wanted to skip everything and go to S but there was no way out. It was organised in a such a way that you were not allowed to skip anything. Whether we like it or not we had to go through each and every stall. We crossed crowded A, B and C blocks then luckily from D block automobile section began. In that section dealers had bought whole block to promote their vehicles. Among them there was one stall which was highly crowded and that stall was of Datsun.

Datsun had launched new Redi-Go and its dealer was showcasing that in that exhibition. My uncle said "it is a new urban crossover" as we reached near Datsun's stall. "Come, let's have a look at it." My uncle went in that stall. I followed him. We went near that Redi-Go. First thing which impressed me was the design of Redi-Go. Redi-Go's Yukan design makes it very conventional. With its wide, robust stance gives you impressive room and a sporty attitude. We were moving around the car and we found out that it has smooth and sleek silhouette, lean and dynamic side character lines, modern yet functional driver oriented feel and stylish, sporty and practical instrument panel. We were so impressed by its design that we decided to take its test drive.

My uncle had one sedan and he was looking for a small car. So we called an executive and we asked him for its test drive. Unfortunately, the car for test drive was not available as it was not being launched yet but the executive there gave us the complete information about the car. He made us sit in the car to show us its comfort and interior features. Redi-Go has classy interiors. While I sat in the car, I noticed one unique thing. There was a shift indicator in its digital meter. It shows the ideal time to shift for maximum efficiency and performance. Apart from that it is handy feature for the new drivers. It will help them a lot. Along with seating comfort, driving comfort has also become important these days.

Driving big cars in the city is a big headache that's why my uncle was looking for a small car. We told this thing to that executive and on that he described one more important feature of Redi-GO. Small turning radius. Compact design of Redi-Go provides the ultimate manoeuvrability. Thus it make a full turn around just 4.7 metre turning radius. This feature is really handy when you are in traffic and find yourself in tight spot. Apart from that company claims it's average to be 25 kmpl. You need this much average when you are driving in the city. "This car has all the potential to take away your urban driving blues." Executive mentioned at the end of his speech. "I looks good but I want to test it on highway as well as on the city roads before booking it." My uncle said to the executive before leaving the stall. We both were impressed by the car as we left the stall. We visited my cousin's stall and came back.

According to me it is Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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