Sunday, 30 November 2014

India without classroom hunger and illiteracy

I think mid-day meal scheme is the best way to remove classroom hunger from India. It is doing a great job with Akshaya Patra. As a result numbers are improving. Over the years enrolment has increased, absenteeism has decreased and concentration of kids has also increased during the classes. If mid-day meal scheme is able to remove classroom hunger from India then there won't be anything better for India. India is one of the youngest countries in the world and it will be youngest in near future. Imagine our country where no child is hungry, no child is going to work to earn themselves daily food. Every child is coming to school.

If that thing happens that no child in skipping the school because of hunger then illiteracy will decrease in our country. Our entire generation will be educated. Imagine India's future when entire generation is educated. There will be no stopping for us then. It will have potential to become next super power. Actually India will be the youngest super power of the world then. At present there are lots of people who are doing wonders with their skill all around the world imagine the time when an entire generation will be educated.

I hope mid-day meal scheme keep progressing in this manner only. All things mentioned above will be possible if mid-day meal scheme successfully eliminate classroom hunger. Let's come together and help the government to remove classroom hunger from India. Let's all help the government and Akshaya Patra in all possible manner. Let's help poor children in living their childhood. Let's fulfill the dream of education of the children of this nation. Let's remove child labour from our country. I urge to all the people of this nation that please stop taking any sort of work from children. Make all the above mentioned 'Let's' sentences your pledge and take the responsibility to fulfill the right of education of each and every child of this country. Along with that I urge to the parents of poor children as well that please send your children to school. Your child will get nutritious food there and will get good education as well. Education will make your child's future bright and will earn much more in future than what he/she is earning now.

Now let's just hope that Akshaya Patra and mid-day meal scheme remove the classroom hunger and take our country to the position which we discussed above.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Eradication of Classroom Hunger

After bringing every child to classroom, now classroom hunger should be removed. Poor Parents will send their child to school only if they are assured that their child is going to get proper food there. Moreover food is the basic need of any human body. So if a child is hungry he/she won't be able to concentrate on studies. There will be no meaning of educating them. First the need of food has to satisfied to make child focus on studies. So the first focus should be on that every child is coming to the classroom or school then he shouldn't be hungry then only educating them will be fruitful.

To fight classroom hunger government of India established Mid-day meal scheme in 2003. Mid-day meal scheme is serving around 12 crore children across 12.65 lac schools around the country. It is the largest such programme in the world. Before mid-day meal scheme one foundation started feeding the children of government schools. Akshaya Patra was that foundation. The Akshaya Patra foundation was established in 2000 by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada and inspiration behind it was one day Mr. Prabhupada saw a group of children fighting with street dogs over the scraps of food. This heart breaking incident lead to the Akshaya Patra foundation. It was established with the vision of "No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger."

This effort by the foundation started showing the results over a period of time. There was improvement in the health of children. It also increased enrolment and better concentration during class hours. In 2003 Akshaya Patra partnered with government's mid day meal scheme to reach out to more and more children. This partnership works with the objectives like eliminating classroom hunger, increasing school enrolment, increasing school hunger etc. At present Akshaya Patra foundation feeds 1.4 million children in 10000 government schools. Moreover it is working towards mission of feeding 5 million children by 2020.

Just imagine how much blessed we are that we get proper food to eat and good education for our better future. I think there should be lots of foundations like Akshaya Patra. Every child has right to get nutritious food and right to get proper education. Every child has right to live their childhood they are not born to do the work from the age of 5 or 6. So let's come together and help those unfortunate children by doing small contribution. It takes Rs. 750 only to feed a child for one whole year. So go to the website of Akshaya Patra and donate. If you help to feed even a single child that means you are giving a life to that child. If you can't donate then atleast make sure that you don't give rise to the child labour. Come let's give these children their childhood, good education and good food.

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Children in India

India is one of the youngest nations in the world and has more than 50% of its population under the age of 25. Unfortunately it is also a nation where illiteracy and poverty is widely spread due to various reasons (but the main reason is corruption). There is huge amount of income inequality in our country and the main sufferers of that are children of our country. Due to income inequality children born in low income families are underweight and suffer from moderate to severe growth stunting as a result of malnutrition. Yes, people don't even one square meal a day here. So for them first target is to earn the proper meal everyday. It's the basic need which is to be fulfilled first then everything else come. So these people send their children to earn rather than to school.

For those people education is like a dream as they can't fulfill the basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. In rural India poor people don't even have access to pure drinking water and proper sanitation facilities. In all these circumstances from where will they think of educating their children. So to eliminate the classroom hunger first you have to bring each and every child to classroom.

To bring each and every child to classroom following things should be done:

In rural India campaigns should be organised to make people understand the importance of education with the help of audio visual effects. Visual effects will create interest in the village people and it will become easy for them to understand that if their children are educated then they will earn much more. While in urban India not much effort will be required as the result of education is already in front of poor people. They are seeing it everyday but still awareness is required.

Child labour laws should be made stricter and punishments for those who are breaking these laws should be more severe. Both parents sending a child to work and the one who is taking work from a child should be punished severely. Elimination of child labour is the first step towards elimination of classroom hunger. Elimination of child labour will bring more and more children to classroom.

Third point is that government schools should not be established in a remote area. In villages or in cities schools should be established in such an area that children can reach there comfortably. School's should be constructed in such a way that children shouldn't like to go home or miss it for even a single day.

Last but not the least people should be made aware of that their children will get a meal in school. There main problem is that only they don't know whether they are going to get the food to eat or not. So if schools are giving one time meal to their child there is no problem for them to send their child to school.

In next blog we will see the steps taken by the government.

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