Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Ask me for a new car.

Couple of months ago we needed two new cars in our family. One for our family and another one for my uncle's family. It was our first car while my uncle was going to buy his second car. Our budget was around Rs. 5 lacs and my uncle's budget was Rs. 10 lacs. We live in Ahmedabad. Hence on one of the sundays me and my uncle decided to go around the city and take a look at the new cars in different showrooms.

Our first preference was Hyundai. So first we went to one of the showrooms of Hyundai at Ashram road. I asked about the features and price of i10 while my uncle asked about the features and price of elite i20 and Verna. Their executive took an hour to explain the features of all three cars. As we came out of that Hyundai showroom we saw a Maruti Suzuki's dealer near by in that area. So I asked my uncle to visit that dealer. I got more options in Maruti Suzuki in my budget. There I asked about the price and features of Ritz and Swift while uncle asked about the features and price of Swift Dzire and Ciaz. There also we spent atleast an hour. After Maruti Suzuki, uncle wanted to go and check out Ford's and Mahindra's cars but due to some work we headed back home.

Before buying a car my uncle wanted to see and compare all the options. While we were going from one showroom to another my brother was surfing the net for it. As we reached home before we tell him anything he was ready with what he searched on net. We only visited two showrooms in three hours. While my brother visited all the showrooms in Ahmedabad in those three hours. He gave me the list of dealers of every automobile company in Ahmedabad with their contact numbers and addresses. Along with that he also shown me the comparison of different cars in our budget and in my uncle's budget as well. Moreover he also informed us about amazing deals and offers on the new cars. When I asked my brother that from where he got all this information? He gave me the answer that he searched it on the net.

When I searched google to compare cars on my mobile I found it even more helpful when I found users reviews and comments. It helped us and my uncle to take an informed decision while buying a new car. It not only help you to buy a new car but it also helps you to take an informed decision while buying an old car. The best part about it is that you can get all the information on the go. It saves your time and money and gives you all the information for free. So do not waste your time in showrooms if you want to compare cars. Mobile applications is the best option these days to get complete information before buying a new car.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Food Haven Singapore!

I have never been to Singapore but I have heard a lot about shopping malls there from my friends who has been to Singapore. Few days ago while surfing I came across the website of far east hospitality. I was surprised to know that not only shopping malls but Singapore is famous for its food as well. Singapore can surprise you with its huges variety of cuisines to choose from. It is a complete food haven. It is the best place to visit for foodies.

I used to be a foodie when I weighed more than 90 kgs. Now my weight is around 70 kilos which means I don't eat that much now. Though I eat less food now but I eat tasty food. I never compromise in taste when it comes to food. Hence I was quite surprised when I saw such variety of cuisines. After seeing all the varieties of food, the Singaporean food which I liked the most was prata. First thing came into my mind after reading that was paratha. Actually prata is muslim version of paratha and to that singaporeans has added their twists and have made 5 versions of prata.

1. Roti tissue

Roti tissue prata is crispy rather than chewy. It comes in a spherical cone like a plain dosa. It is in paper thin nature. One can enjoy it with sambhar or pickles.

2. Roti plaster

Other one is roti plaster prata which is made with egg on its dough. It is like egg paratha. I am a vegetarian by the way but I eat egg. So I don't have any problem with egg paratha or roti plaster prata.

3. Chicken floss prata

As I said I only eat egg when it comes to non vegetarian food. Thus I won't be able to write much about it but it will be delicious for those who love fluffy dry chicken.

4. Red bean prata

Red bean prata agian is crispier and is an innovation on traditional chinese red bean pancake. It oozes red bean paste with every bite. It is normally served as dessert and fairly so. I mean how a main course can be sweet.

5. Prata Benedict

This prata is made with poached eggs on the top of it. Moreover some Indian sauce or let it be desi some Indian chutney is added to it which I can't judge by seeing its colour. It is another yummy egg paratha.

This is the Singaporean food which I liked and would definitely like to try it sometime. Similarly there are lots of other foods as well twisted with flavours from around the world. You can see other foods here.

There is water in my mouth as I come to an end of this. Seriously there is far more Singapore about which we don't know. Singapore is not food haven rather it is a food heaven.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


I am blogger and I am blogging since last four years. Apart from blogging I work for New India Assurance as an accounts executive. I live in Ahemdabad but my posting is done in Anand which is around 70 kms away from Ahmedabad. So I travel up and down daily. I write everyday but it is not possible to have desktop or laptop all the time to write. Moreover I write while travelling up and down. So it is even more difficult to move with laptop in the local train. Hence I prefer to write on my mobile only.

I am currently using the phone which is loaded with Android Jelly Bean since last one and a half year. During that one and a half year period I have sucked its processor, RAM, battery everything with my writing and gaming. Now I want to move ahead in writing. I want to start writing my first book but my phone is getting slower day by day. Its battery was long lasting when I bought it but now a days battery is not even lasting half the time of its battery life. Moreover it gets hang quite oftenly now a days. To add to my frustration my phone just restarts while I am writing something. Due to that all the unsaved changes get lost. There has been times when my phone restarts while I am writing and I have to start all over again.

It is quite clear that I can't start writing my book on this phone. I need a new phone for it. I started searching for new phone last month only. My search for a new phone ended with moto e. Moto e is loaded with all things I wanted in my new phone. I wanted latest version of Android in my new phone and it has Lollipop which is Android v5 (latest one). I wanted faster processor and it has 1.2 GHz quad core processor. I wanted good amount of RAM which helps me in multitasking and it has 1 GB RAM. Apart from 1GB RAM it has 8GB of internal memory which is expandable upto 32 GB. I wanted a better and long lasting battery and Moto e has 2390 mAh battery which is much better than my current phone. Thus its battery will last longer than my current phone's battery.

Apart from that I wanted a good looking slim phone which fits into my pocket comfortably. Moto e is slim, looks good and not too big. It has 4.5 inch screen which means it will fit into my pocket comfortably. Above all it is available very cheaply at the moment. You won't get all those features in another phone in the same price range. It is the perfect phone for me. It has everything what I want for my writing. Hence I choose to start writing my first book with moto e.

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Monday, 16 March 2015


Some days in your life make a special place in your heart and stay with you forever. 30th january 2015. The day on which my parents celebrated their 25th anniversary. My parents are very simple and they never celebrate their anniversary. So I wanted to make it special for them this time but I didn't had much time to plan out the things. As we were out of station for my cousin's wedding. We were back in Ahmedabad on 29th January but I ordered gifts for them online on 27th only hoping that it will be delivered by 30th.

We reached home late at night on 29th january. I slept much before 12 that night as I was exhausted after driving whole day. Before sleeping that night I announced to the whole world that it is my parents' 25th marriage anniversary via a blog post dedicated to them. I poromoted that blog post on social media and announced that my parents are greatest. Next day was a working day, my manager didn't allow me to take leave. My dad has some plans on that day so he was onto it since morning. I told my brother to order the cake in the morning as he returns from the college. He did that.

My father was closest to my grandma but unfortunately god snatched her from us too early. So only elder in our family now was my nani. So I decided to pick nani up while going back and instructed my brother to take the cake from the shop only when I call him. In the evening while going back home I called nani that I am coming to pick her up, instructed my brother to go and pick up the cake and reach at nani's house after picking up the cake. I reached at nani's home and she was ready and happy after all it was her daughter's 25th marriage anniversary. My brother showed me the cake and it was awesome. We were geared up for the big surprise.

As we reached home my gifts reached there before me and mom were checking those gifts. So half the surprise was over there only. I straight away went and hugged her. I wished her and dad both. Then when they saw nani they became even more happy. Dad's eyes became wet because of happiness. I knew that he was missing grandma but he was happy that atleast nani was there. Mom's happiness too was beyond limit. I mean this is what you live for to see your parents happy. They cut the cake with nani and then there was only happiness around. I covered Dad's face with the cake while nani and mumma got busy in their talks. I asked dad that where did he go in the morning. He said he and mumma wanted to donate few things to some special people and he did that in the morning. It gave me motivation and strength to help people who are in need. I always look up to him with lot of pride. I am blessed to have such parents. In this way that day became memorable in my life.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Starting a new life

I completed my MBA in 2013. I got a first job in outsourcing company. It was a start up and was doing the job of outsourcing the projects. There were lot of fraudulent companies in that field and that company in which I worked differentiate itself by saying that we are not frauds. As the training got over and I started selling those projects. There was a team which used to perform quality check on the projects and on the basis of quality check report company used to pay for those projects. Quality check team was not allowed to communicate with business development team. Informally I tried to contact with one of the members of quality check team.

He was a nice guy and was going as per the rules. He was not willing to declare anything but when it comes to money everyone's sentiments come out and on that day I told him that you might be paid more than us as you guys do more difficult job. He denied and said that we are paid for rejecting the project. Then he explained me everything. Ultimately he pulled the earth beneath my feet. It was not able to believe that I am working in a fraudulent company. I waited for my first salary but I didn't get it. I worked there for 45 days and then I resigned from that job. I started finding a new job and I end up finding in a company which runs web portal and deals in all types of cars.

The field which I was alloted there had no scope but I had no other option but to continue with that job. I was struggling early on in that job. I was not able to complete the targets for first three months. The sword of termination was hanging on my head but from the fourth month onwards my hard work started paying off. I started achieving the targets from that month. In the fifth month of my job I made a record of generating highest revenue by an individual in a day. Hence I proved my worth to the company. Then next three months went on smoothly. I was achieving the target easily.

The company came up with new policies and terms of its services in the ninth month. Those policies created dissatisfaction among the customers and they started withdrawing their names from the service. I reached to a point where neither I was satisfied with the job nor customers were satisfied with the company. I always wanted to start my own business. I opted for the job to get some experience in certain field but nothing was going my way. So rather than finding another job I left everything and decided to start my own business. I have been training in that since past few months now and soon I am going to launch my own online store. I am just waiting for the license and other documents to arrive. It brought a huge change in my life. Though the struggle is still on but earlier I was working under someone and today I am a boss of my own thing and it is an amazing feeling. I will put my everything to make it a huge success. In this way I started my new life you can #StartANewLife too.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

A tweet of hope for an aspiring writer

In 2011 I started blogging. At that stage I just wanted to try my hand at writing. I wanted to know how good I am at writing. Along with blogging I was very much active on twitter as well. I joined twitter in 2010. On twitter I used to write about cricket mostly as I didn't know how to use hashtags well and other things about it at that time. I learnt using hashtags well from 2011 Indian Premier League and then I started blogging in August 2011. My first blog post was on corruption which got 'ok' kind of response. At that time India was touring England. So I decided to write on India's performance in England. I summarised that tour in three blog posts. It got better reponse than expected. After that I wanted to increase my readers base by increasing my followers on twitter. Thus I was super active on twitter.

Champions League T20 began in September that year. By that time I was using hashtags pretty well and during that Champions League T20 best tweet during of the day was shown on air between the match. I was trying hard to see my tweet on air. Therefore I was tweeting using those hashtags everyday. I remember navratri was going on during that time. Me, my father and my brother were watching Kolkata Knight Riders' game that night. 17 overs were bowled and match was almost over by then. There was nothing to watch in that match. My father suggested to switch off the T.V and let's go out to enjoy navratri. I stopped him saying that wait my tweet is going to be on air today.

After third ball of the 18th over my tweet was on air. I just said for the sake of saying but it actually was on TV. I was jumping after seeing my name on TV. I was not able to believe that my tweet was best tweet of the day. After enjoying that moment I went out to enjoy navratri. I was so happy that after going out I was asking everyone 'did you see the match tonight?' then I was saying about the tweet to them. There was one person who was even more happier that night and that person was my father. My father was so proud of me that he was said about the tweet to every person he met that night. I saw the pride in his eyes. I made my father proud that day and that's the thing I live for.

So that was the moment which filled me with optimism and hope for the future. It made me believe that I can be a writer. That tweet made me optimistic about my writing. It is not like that my tweet was on TV only once. My other tweets as well were on air after that series. Indian Premier League, India - West Indies test series and others were the tournaments in which my tweets were selected to be on air between the match. All those tweets boosted my confidence about writing and today I am a co-author of game of blogs. Every tweet on air and writing competition contributed in making me an author but that first tweet on air created a hope that I can be a writer and I am a writer today.

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The World Remade

We are not living in a perfect world. We are living in a world which is run by politicians and beaurocrats. Poor people has no life in this world. They are just getting poorer and poorer. They are not living they are just surviving in this world. While on other hand rich people are getting richer and richer. I think these two categories of people live their life in a better way than middle class people. Rich people live their life lavishly, they have the power of money to get their work done. On other hand poor people earn to eat 2 time meal daily, they doesn't have the power of money or that reputation which they have to keep intact. These two categories of people are very limited in number. Majority of population of this world falls under middle class category.

Middle class people are living the hell of a life in this world. They don't have power of money to get their work done. Moreover they also live in the fear of loosing the respect and reputation which they earn over a period of time. So they become a victim of corruption, cheating, inflation, recession etc. Talent of middle class people doesn't get noticed as they don't have enough money to bribe to take it to highest level. Life is a hell for middle class people. Middle class people are not treated equally with rich people in most of the things just because they are not rich.

If I get the opportunity to create the world. I would like to create a fair and equal world. Where there is no difference between rich and poor people. The world in which talent is valued not the power of money. So that every category of person get equal and fair chance to showcase his/her talent. In short I want to create the world which is free of corruption. The world where justice will never bow down against power and money. I think the world which I want to create will be much better place to live.

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