Sunday, 24 April 2016

Reach any where with GoPigeon

My uncle has a business. He produces jeans from raw denim. He has his own brand. He did the wholesale business till February 2016. In the first week of march, he called me to his factory as he wanted to dicuss few things. He was thinking of starting a retail business. He was thinking of opening a retail outlet in Surat. I advised him to go online rather than opening a retail outlet. He didn't wanted to do business with the shopping websites. Then there was only one option and that was, design own website and promote it. Thus I helped uncle in getting a web designer and an SEO. They prepared the webiste and started promoting it in one week's time. By the end of second week of March, uncle started retail (online) business.

Uncle started getting orders but uncle was facing one more diffculty and that was of delivering the goods. Uncle had contacts in various logistics and transport companies but they were managing their wholesale orders. There were different logistics and transport companies for different cities. So the reach of those transport companies was not that far. Moreover they were charging too high for delivering just one product. In last week of March, I ordered one shirt and when it came home, I saw sticker of on it. I checked that website and I thought it will provide the solution to uncle's problem of delivery. I recommended it to my uncle and uncle started doing business with them from 1st of April.

I met uncle on 17th of April and asked him about his experience working with GoPigeon. He was very staisfied with the service. He told that he has started giving even wholesale parcels to them. Uncle explained me the work process of Uncle told me that they had simplified his work. "I just upload my order, generate the label and schedule the pick-up. Their pigoens (that's what they call their executives) come at the factory to pick the parcels and deliver it. I track my order online." Uncle said this lying back on his sofa. In wholesale business Uncle used to manage everything. From packing to dropping the parcel to that transport or logistic company's place. GoPigeon took that burden away from uncle.

"Earlier I used to manage my carriers, now gopigeon manage that." Uncle added. "How far is their reach?" I asked uncle. "They are in every corner of the country. They cover more than 20000 pin codes around the country. They are not even charging much and are delivering goods on time. GoPigeon just make sure that my shiment reaches anywhere and everywhere I want. What else I want!" Uncle was not so relaxed about logistics before. Earlier pigeons were used to deliver love letters but these days pegions are delivering shipments around the world that too at lowest prices.

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Last evening, I was playing clash of clans in my mobile phone. I was in the middle of attack and phone rang. It was Ajay's call. I picked up the call and started scolding him for spoiling my attack. Ajay is my classmate, an SEO and a freelancer. He has called from Mumbai. He had an idea. He wanted to start an sports website with the help of my writing. He said that we will publish my articles on that website along with some time pass games. It was an interesting idea but there was one more thing which was interesting and that thing was that he was calling from a coworking space. I had no idea about coworking but I didn't let him know that. I hung up the saying "Ah! Nice place. Enjoy."

I googled coworking after the call. Then I came to know that coworking is a place (mostly an office) where work at home professionals, independent contrators and freelancers work together. It a social gathering of a group of people working independently. They share values with each other at coworking space. Coworking helps in escaping the distractions of home. Coworking is not only about the physical place, but about establishing the coworking community. It benefits all the coworkers working together. These coworking communities organise events. In those events coworkers get the chance to know each other. It decreases the barriers to join a place later.

In the search results of coworking on google, there was one website It is a website which helps freelancers, work at professionals etc in finding coworking space. Coworking has reached to that level and I didn't even knew about it. Kowrk is a plateform that connects users with coworking spaces, business centers and shared offices. This platform is currently in four countries wiz. Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Cambodia. It is a great platform for me as a freelancer. It will change the whole working atmosphere for me. Ultimately it will increase my efficiency and contacts. It will also help me to increase my business. has recently launched speaker series in Hong Kong. This speaker series will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and insights between industry and academic experts and startups. The launch event was held in Hong Kong and in that Honey Jain Kathuria, the founder of said "As a platform that connects startups with shared office spaces, we see kowrk as a significant contributor to the startup ecosystems of the locations. The speaker series is another initiative." Kowrk plans to tap its deep connections with industry and academe to bring experts to share their experience and guide entrepreneurs. Over 90 spaces are listed on in four countries. Kowrk is the future of work.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Shoppingo with Hoppingo

In last week of March, I attended my friend's engagement. In second last week of March, I came to know about it. It was at very short notice. I had no time to prepare for it. When my friend invited me on 23rd March, I was approaching March end and was super busy in closing of accounts. Even in my dreams, there were auditors. I was surrounded by Profits, losses, collections & disbursements. I had no time to go for shopping. I had at new shirt & a pair of denims to wear. So all I needed was a cool blazer. Couple of days later, that friend called me to inform that I am doing dance performance with him. He has appointed a choreographer for that and I have to go to his place for practice.

I told him about my tight schedule and apologised for not being part of the performance. Then he asked me about my shopping as we have planned to go together for shopping. I told him that I will do it online. He told me to check stuff on Hoppingo. I had never heard of that website before so I ignored it. I searched for a cool blazer that night only. I checked all major shopping websites but I didn't find the right blazer for me. Then Hoppingo came in my mind. I logged into and started checking stuff on it. My first impression about it was that it would be similar to other shopping websites but when I opened it, I came to know that it is different.

Hoppingo is a collection of 800+ online stores. It showcases awe-inspiring products in the most organised way. Hoppingo is a detailed fashion shopping website. They have expert product curators who helped to nevigate through blazers from myriads of e-stores. They also suggested me some blazers which were in my budget. I chose one from them, bought it and it was delivered at my doorstep before my friend's engagement. It was a wonderful experience. I often used to get confused in online shopping because I used to surf lot of shopping websites.

Hoppingo is an ideal interface between the buyer and millions and millions of products on various e-stores. Hoppingo delves into the depths of the myriad websites and showcases the best products to buyers. It provides e-shopper convenience, comfort and interesting options under one digital roof. All you have to do is - See. It is India's first See-Commerce website. It is like online window shopping. We normally surf 8 to 10 stores while doing the offline window shopping but here we get 800+ e-stores to do window shopping. I had an awesome shopping experience on Hoppingo. I am already forcing others to try Hoppingo. Hoppingo's tag line is hoppingo before shoppingo but I would say shoppingo with hoppingo.