Monday, 30 November 2015

Soft Baby Skin

Leaves are falling from the trees. Hoods are out. The best place to be at night these days is in the balnket. In short winter has arrived and the main feature of this season is dryness. Winter makes your skin dry and cools you upside down. In winter you can smoke without a cigar. In winter You can release smoke from your mouth and look cool in front of your friends that too without a cigar. Isn't it a life saving & money saving feature of winter? Our skin is not so sensitive then also our skin get dried in winter. Now imagine how adversely it will affect the soft and sensitive skin of a child. To take care of baby's soft skin in winter parents should take care of few things.

1. Baby products

First thing parents should take care of are baby products. Baby products can react on soft skin of baby. These products can cure the dryness of baby's skin but its reaction can cause rashes on their body. So rather than relying on baby products go natural. Natural ways will keep dryness away and won't cause any harm to baby's skin.

2. Warm water

In cold weather we prefer to take a bath with hot water. If you can't have a bath with cold water then as a parent you are not going to put that cold water on your child's body. In winter if cold water is not good for baby then even hot water is not good for baby's soft skin. In winter water should not be too cold or too hot. It should be warm so that baby should feel pleasant after having a bath.

3. Oil massage

The best thing to keep baby's skin away from dryness is oil massage. Baby should be masaaged daily with the coconut oil. In winter coconut oil will not allow the baby's skin to get dry. Moreover coconut oil massage will make baby's bones stronger. So oil massage is must for Baby's skin.

4. Woolen clothes over cotton clothes

In winter we wear woolen clothes to keep ourselves warm. Woolen clothes keep child's body warm as well. Moreover woolen clothes protect the baby's skin from dryness but these clothes can harm skin's softness. So child's skin should be first covered with cotton cloth then that body should be covered with woolen cloth. In this way skin's softness will be intact and baby's body will be warm & away from dryness.

5. Sun bath

Sun bath in winter is as important as water bath. It is important for babies as well but baby's skin will not bear rays of sun for long. Sun's rays provide nourishment to the baby's skin but overdose of it will put rashes on baby's soft skin. So sun bath is important but only till baby's soft and sensitive skin can bear it. Parents normally know that how much time baby's skin can bear sun's rays. So a baby should be given a sun bath according to it.

So these are the things which parents should take care of in winter to keep their baby's skin softest.

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Importance of 4G

4G has arrived in India. 4G phones has been launched, telecom companies has started providing 4G services but the question is how many people are using 4G? All of us have seen that advertisement where a guy says to his dad '3G is history dad.' I am sure even that guy would be using 2G. As in India when we subscribe for 3G we get the speed of 2G. I hope this will change with 4G. I hope companies will provide actual 4G speed to the people at affordable prices. Now how 4G can evolve youth of nation?

When it comes to internet, youth of this nation can be divided into three categories. First category of young people are those who works on internet. Second category of young people uses internet only for fun (it includes social media & online dating). Third and final category of people uses internet for both work as well as fun. And to use internet youth of the nation mostly use smartphones. 4G enabled smartphones are already in the market. It comes with octa core processor, android marshmallow, HD camera, better RAM and huge amount of storage capacity. It has the bandwidth upto 150 mbps. So ultimately these smartphones suck internet like mosquitoes suck blood from our body. These internet sucking mosquitoes are just looking for the speed around the network.

Technocrats or first category of young people who works on internet was eagerly waiting for such smartphones. These high speed smartphones with such advanced & fast technology will ultimately help them to increase productivity of the nation. For second category of young people who uses internet only for fun these smartphones are like blessing in disguise. Now sharing things on social media apps like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, dubsmash etc will become easier. Moreover online dating on tinder will become smoother and faster. With the advent of such technology a person can be on two to three dates simultaneously or 10 HD slefies can be clicked & shared without any hesitation. Videos will stream without buffering. So ultimately fun is going to multiply for the second category of the people.

If these smartphones are transforming the lives of first two categories of people then it transform lives of third category of people automatically. These 4G smartphones will help nation's youth to keep up the pace with this fast moving world.

Saturday, 14 November 2015


Whenever I think of the word great, first image comes infront of eyes is of Mohan Godhwani (my father). My father lost his father (i.e. my grandfather) at the age of 5. A father is like a backbone to a child. My father lost that backbone at the age of 5. We all know that childhood is the best phase in a person's life and my father was pushed to face this brutal world in that phase. The age in which he should be playing different games, life was playing weird games with him. When life play such games the biggest question mark comes on the survival.

The only support to my grandma at that time was my father. She started stitching clothes at home to survive. She became the tailor to earn the money. My father helped her in cutting work while he was studying in primary. My father was ignored and insulted by his own uncles and aunts whenever he seeked any help from them. One of those uncles even captured my grandfather's shop. My family was in all sorts of trouble. It made my father strong and to be support to my grandma he himself started earning. He started doing a job in a shop as soon as he reached in 8th standard. He was not the only child in the family. My father has one brother & one sister (my paternal uncle and aunt) both of them are younger to him. So the responsibility of growing them up well was on him and grandma.

Any other guy in this situation would have gone on the wrong path but my father stood strong against all the odds with help of teachings of my grandma and his own hard work. He topped the school in tenth standard. He wanted to become a doctor after that but there was no money to study science. Thus he went for commerce and became a banker. In this way all of his life he has just sacrificed his dreams and needs for his family. You need a big heart for that. By doing this he has become so simple now that he says all I need 6×6 space to sleep. Not only for us my father has sacrificed a lot for other people as well and he is still doing it.

As they say life is a circle & you reap what you sow. All those uncles and aunts who ignored and insulted my father needed him badly when they were at their death bed. My father helped them more than their own children & I salute him for that. It is a mark of greatness that you help those people who ignored you, insulted you when you needed them. Now we have moved to a middle class from poor class but my father never treat poor people badly. He always make them feel good. He will be a great host to them and will serve them the best. He do so because he knows that how rich people treat poor people.

I agree my father is neither a film star nor a famous sports personality. He is just a common man but he is made of great. He is so great that whenever someone praises him he stops him/her from doing that. Recently one of our neighbour told me that 'the kind of prosperous life you live today is all because of good deeds of Mohan.' My father never talks about his childhood, struggle or donations. Whatever I have written in this post is what I have seen or heard from my grandmother. He has made me strong enough to face the world. He has taught me to be humble and down to earth. He has taught me all the mannerisms which grandma taught to him. I have become a writer today because of him. His contribution in my life is endless. According to me my father (Mr. Mohan Godhwani) is undeniably #madeofgreat.

TATA motors has made Lionel Messi their global ambassador. Likewise my father, Lionel Messi is also #madeofgreat. So what do you think of TATA Motors' association with Lionel Messi?

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Baby's Skin

Children are loved for their cuteness, innocence and soft skin. Most of uncles and aunties greet children by pulling their cheeks and saying 'Hello golu molu you are so cute.' There are many more adjectives like 'golu molu' which uncles and aunties use but before that pull the cheeks of children. By doing that they just want to feel the softness of baby's skin. They are simply jealous of that soft skin. So they pull it to make it hard like them. Not only uncles and aunties we all love soft skin of small babies but we express it by kissing their cheeks not by pulling them.

We praise babies' soft skin but there is a secret behind the softness of their skin. Child's parents and grand parents do certain things to keep their baby's soft skin safe. Here are the secrets to keep your baby's soft skin:

1. Oil Massage

New born babies enjoy body massage daily. Oil massage is done to new born babies to make their bones strong. Oil massage is done with cocnut oil preferably. Coconut oil not only make baby's bones strong but it also keep dryness away from baby's skin. As dryness is away from baby's skin then baby's skin is always going to be soft and lovely. So coconut oil massage is important for making baby's skin soft and bones strong.

2. Turmeric & milk

Mixture of turmeric and milk nourishes baby's skin. My grandma used to apply the mixture of turmeric and milk on our (me and my brothers and sisters in the family) bodies before the bath. She used to apply it 20 minutes before bath. She believed that soap has chemicals which causes skin problems. While milk and turmeric nourishes baby's skin. So milk and turmeric is other thing which keeps baby's skin softest.

3. No tub bath

Lots of parents give their new born babies a tub bath. Actually it is not good for baby's skin. It makes baby's skin dry and dryness takes away the softness from baby's skin. So don't give your baby a tub bath. The best way to give bath to your baby is to put water on its body not putting its body into the water.

4. Cotton clothes

When it comes to clothing there are various types of fabrics available in the market but all types of fabrics doesn't suit baby's skin. Fabrics like silk and wool put rashes on baby's skin. I think cotton is the only fabric which suits every child and don't cause any harm to baby's skin. So always choose cotton clothes for your baby if you love your baby's soft skin.

5. Aloevera gel

Keep your baby away from beauty products, even baby products. These products have chemicals & these chemicals can react badly on baby's soft and delicate skin. Always go natural, instead of applying chemical apply aloevera gel on baby's body. It is the best way to keep your baby's soft skin safe.

These are the basics to keep your baby's soft skin safe. To achieve any milestone we have to perform our basics right. So perform the basics right and make your baby's skin softest. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.