Saturday, 12 December 2015


I was born in Ahmedabad in 1991 &  since then I am living in this city. It is situated in dry state of India but it is the best city to live in India. It is not that I am saying that Ahmedabad is the best city to live but lots of researches and surveys have proved that. It meets all the requirements of leading a good life. Ahmedabad is one of the metro cities of India. Education, Infrastructure and Industry are well developed in this city. It is very much different from other metro cities of India. To describe how it is different from other metros and why it is the best city to live I will put light on its three key features. Design, Drive and Connect.


Ahmedabad is known as heritage city worldwide but it is designed in such a way that it is divided into two parts. One part of the city is full of heritage structures like siddhi saiyad mosque, lal darwaja, delhi darwaja, gandhi ashram etc while the other side has modern cafes, malls, car showrooms, flyovers, stadiums etc. Sabarmati river devide these two parts. On one side of the Sabarmati there is heritage Ahmedabad while on the other side there is modern Ahmedabad. Apart from bridges over Sabarmati there is Sabarmati riverfront which connects both parts of the city. There are lot places to visit in the city. I don't know who has designed Ahmedabad like this. Who so ever did that has made a great design of the city.


When it comes to drive, Ahmedabad is not like Mumbai that it takes two and a half hours to reach to a destination 10 kms away. I am not saying that there is no traffic in the city. There is traffic but not too much like Mumbai. There are some roads in Ahmedabad which are always full of vehicles while some are always empty. I think one would always enjoy the drive in Ahmedabad if he/she chooses the route to the destination wisely. City has great roads to drive on. Even one can enjoy long drives on some of roads of the city.


Ahmedabad is situated in the heart of Gujarat and it is very well connected with other parts of country and the world through various modes. Ahmedabad has both domestic as well as international airport. There are many direct flights from Ahmedabad to various countries of the world. Frequency of domestic flights to other major cities of the country is also good. Apart from air Ahmedabad connects pretty well with other parts of the country via rail. There are many trains from Ahmedabad to all the remaining of India. When it comes to connectivity by road then Ahmedabad is directly connected with NH 8. Hence it is very well connected to other parts of the country by road as well.

Apart from this Ahmedabad gives peace of mind to the people. Which is very important to lead healthy life. Moreover unlike Delhi, women and girls are safe in this city. Who doesn't want peaceful life like this that's why people prefer to take job transfer in Ahmedabad than any other city in India. I think by now you would have understood why Ahmedabad is the best city to live in India.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Night Life in Bangalore

In September I went to Bangalore on a business trip. Bangalore, the silicon valley of India is the most vibrant city in India. There is a lot to see in that city. So a three day trip is not enough to see all the places in Bangalore. It was a business trip so it had to be short and full of work. I had meetings during daytime but I was not going to waste my nights in the room of a hotel. I wanted to experience the night life in Bangalore.

On first day after finishing the meetings till the evening, I decided to go to a pub. It was my first time in Bangalore so I didn't know much about the pubs in Bangalore. I opened google to find a pub and as I typed 'pub', I got 'pub finder in India' as one of the suggestions below. So I searched that and clicked the first link appeared on the google search page. Pub finder is the feature on the website for those who wants to enjoy the nightlife. I selected the city and the list of all the pubs in Bangalore was in front of my eyes.

I decided to go to Big Pitcher as in its info it was mentioned Beer and cricket for soul. Big Pitcher is a big microbrewery. It has a sky lounge with big variety of fresh beer and a big screen to enjoy cricket. I have had two different kinds of beer there. I didn't want to get high so beer only. After all it was a new city for me & it is important to live responsibly if you get freedom. Next day again I finished my meetings till the evening and started finding a new pub on pub finder. On that evening I surfed the whole LiveInStyle website & I found very interesting features on it.

One of the page on that website was of drinks and that page contained the information about cocktails. It also had cocktail recipes which impressed me the most. On that night I wanted to get high so I decided to stay back in the room and try out those cocktail recipes. I bought the bottle of vodka and other ingredients and tried those cocktail recipes. I remember the recipes I made before getting high. After getting high I remember only one thing that the purpose of getting high was fulfilled.

On third day I had a flight in the evening so immediately after finishing the meetings I rushed to airport. Pub finder in India made my boring business trip happening. I am going to remember it for a long time.

Disclaimer: this article is for the people above 25 years of age.