Saturday, 25 July 2015

A huddle that unites cricket lovers.

Cricket is not just a game. It is like a religion. People are emotionally attached with this game in this country. Here, cricketers are given the status of god but they also become great villians if they are out of the world cup at the earlier stages. Every world cup win is celebrated like a festival. People celebrate victory on the road. They dance, they drive around the cities with Indian flags, they burn crackers to celebrate victory. Emotional connectivity is that much with the game.

Where people are highly emotional about the game then imagine at what people follow cricket in this country. In India, every cricket lover feels that he/she is an expert in the game. When any player gets out people will either say that he would have played different shot or will literally show you that if he had played like this shot instead of that one then he would have got four. Not only that there are tonnes of people on social media who share their thoughts on the game. Moreover there are very very talented bloggers who write about the game but unfortunately doesn't get the platform to express themselves.

Here is the platform for cricket writers. It is that huddle which unites the cricket writers around the world. It provides the platform to a cricket writer through which one can express his/her love for the game. You can keep yourself updated with what's happening in the world of cricket. You can learn from other writers, you can share stories, moments, views on the game. It's not a platform where you can talk about only international cricket. You can talk about anything related to the game. May it be a domestic cricket, district cricket, college cricket, school cricket, any local tournament or even a tennis ball cricket tournament. You can write anything about cricket. You can also share an untold story of the game, you can write about unsung heroes of the game or you can share a funny event happened on a cricket field.

If you write about the game and searching for a platform to share your stories then Cricket Huddle is that platform for you. Your article will be in front of the writers and readers around the world. Your writing will reach to cricket lovers around the world so imagine the amount of exposure you will get. So what are you waiting for? Come and join the huddle. Sign up on and get noticed. It is a platform for content creators, bloggers, players, fans everyone who loves cricket. Come on! Get into this huddle and celebrate cricket.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Playlist

Music is the best stress buster in this world. When I put headphones in my ears and hit the play button I go in some different world altogether in which I remove my stress. People who know me well knows that I don't like to dance. It is really tough to get me on the dance floor. No one knows one thing about me that sometimes I dance in my room like a mad man behind the closed doors depends on on how much happy I am. Apart from that I keep a playlist of more 350 songs in my car to keep myself cool and fresh while driving in traffic. That playlist has both old and new songs (most of bollywood). Out of that I have chosen few dance numbers to share with you.

1. Palat Tera Hero Idhar hai

It is a fantasy song for all the boys. This song describes what boys think when they are in front of girls. I am sure lot of guys has used its lyrics as pick up lines. It just freshen up the moment.

2. Desi Girl

I am a huge fan of Shankar Mahadevan. I think he is the best singer in this nation. Desi girl is sung by him and I love this song a lot. If you are straight then you will definitely fall in love with Priyanka after watching this song. It is that kind of song which makes my surrounding happier.

3. Tumhi Ho Bandhu

I never imagined that the prayer we used to sing in school will be such a trendy song and all of us will sing it in this way. Everything is just awesome about this. It's music, it's lyrics everything.

4. Abhi toh party shuru hui hai

The song made for party animals. You just can't stop yourself from dancing when you listen this song. The rap part of it has that energy which freshen up your moments and pulls you to dance floor.

5. Dhan Te Nan

I love the attitude of this song. The passion with which Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani has sung it is just amazing. This song just takes away my frustration. By the way Sindhis are good singers.

6. Taazgi ka dhamaka

I recently saw it on youtube. Though it is an advertisement of colgate but Allu Arjun's south Indian moves syncs well with Anushka Manchanda's voice. It is made with the purpose to spread the message of spreading freshness and it satisfies that purpose.

7. G Phaad Ke

When Govinda dance he brings smile on everyone's face. Here his moves fits well with this Sachin-Jigar's composition and overall makes it a great song.

8. Galla Goodiyan

I just love these kind of songs in Karan Johar and Farhan Akhtar movies in which lot of singers come together and sing a song. It is one of those songs which fills me with the energy.

9. Sooraj Dooba Hai

It is one of the most realistic song. Though I don't drink but I love this song. It is so realistic that it takes away my tiredness and give me the freshness I need.

10. Teri Meri Kahaani

This song is very close to my heart. Whenever I listen it I leave everything and just go with its flow. It makes me forget everything and let me go in my own world and when I come out of that world I come out as a fresh soul.

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Baby Massage

In 1996 my brother was born. At that time I was just 6 years old. Everyday grandma used to massage my brother with different types of oils. Due to that I was not allowed to play with him for that hour or so. I was not allowed to pick him up in my arms as everyone had a fear that he is going to slip out of my hands after that oiling. One day I asked grandma that 'Why do you massage his body daily?' She smiled and said 'You won't understand.' That answer from grandma hurt my ego. I was like how can she say that I won't understand. I am big enough to understand everything.

That day I followed her everyhwere to get my answer. She noticed that I am not going give up unless I get the answer. She finally stopped me from following her and said while pulling my cheeks 'I massage her body daily to make him cute and strong like you.' Ofcourse it wasn't the complete answer but my ego was satisfied with that answer. Moreover I got two complements cute and strong so I was more than happy. Then I was running in the whole house shouting 'my brother will be cute and strong like me.' When Paa came home at night I asked him 'Paa, you know why grandma massage little one daily?,' Paa replied 'No I don't know that.'

'Because the younger one will become cute and strong like me.' I said it to paa with all the cuteness I had at that time. It was way back in 1996 and an advertisement took me back in that moment. I was surfing net few days ago and I came across the advertisement of dabur baby massage oil. I opened that advertisement to know more about it. I came to know that olive oil is known to help provide the nourishment to the baby's skin. While almond oil is known for gently moisturizing baby's delicate skin and makes it soft and supple. These two oils provide the baby required nourishment.

After reading that I understood why grandma used to massage my brother with different types of oils. In that advertisement it was also mentioned that regular massaging helps in strengthening bones and muscles of  baby. Hence it cleared all my doubts I had in my childhood. Dabur massage oil is unique blend of premium natural oils like olive and almond. We all know Dabur always focuses on developing the products using natural ingredients. Dabur baby products doesn't contain Paraffin and Paraben. Apart from that it will keep away your baby's skin from artificial colours as Dabur prohibits the use of any form of artificial colours in any of its products. Thus it is safe and provide necessary nourishment to your baby. So open a spa at home for your baby with Dabur baby massage oil.

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Honey Diet

We all know how many diseases are around us today and we also know that how fatal are they. We really need to take care of our health under such circumstances. To take care of our health we need to eat healthy food. We need to live on balanced healthy diet. My family doctor always tell me not to eat out and always eat home made food. We don't listen to doctors until we fall ill. All of us eat fast food, junk food and every other type of food that is produced outside on streets or in restaurants. People say they just enjoy having street food. They don't know how much unhealthiness they are taking in.

Balanced healthy diet keep your body fit and if your body is fit then your mind will automatically be fit. If you don't follow balanced healthy diet your weight will increase. If your weight increase then you will suffer from obesity and obesity will give rise to lot of other illnesses. Obesity will bring whole chain of illnesses with itself. Here, I just gave the example of obesity. We all know that there are lot of such illnesses. So it is better to stay fit and habituate ourselves to balanced healthy diet.

Now how to know whether we are taking the balanced diet or not. Normally a human being needs 2200 to 2700 calories daily to live healthy life. First we should make sure that we are taking in this much amount of calories. Moreover while taking in those calories one needs to take care that we are taking in nutritious food. We have to take care whether we are taking proteins, carbohydrates and minerals in proper amount or not. People don't take all the nutrients in proper amount that's why there is a deficiency of one or the other thing in our body which again leads to different kinds of illnesses. These are those type of illnesses which come in a chain with one major illness.

People go on different kinds of diet to bring weight under control and to get habituated to balanced healthy diet. They hire dietitians as well for that. As people take in more calories in winter and less in summer. It is natural that we eat more in winter than summer. So in summer people go for crash diets to decrease their weight rapidly but in that too there are nutritional compromises. Then what to do to get diet which is balanced and healthy? Moreover it keeps our weight under control. Dabur introduces Honey Diet for that. It will help you to get balanced diet. Mainly it is made around honey because honey is your jackpot to health. Honey is enriched with best of nature's blessings. Hence honey is that delectable delight which is key to stay fit.

Honey Diet has calorie counter which will help you to calculate the calories of food you take in. Honey diet will show you the benefits of Honey. From weight management to beautiful skin honey has all the benefits. Moreover it also has recipes made with honey. Apart from that you can also make your diet plan on it. As it provides you diet planner. In short Honey Diet is a sweeter alternative to stay fit and young.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

How to balance life and cricket!

Cricket is a religion in this nation. It unites the whole nation in one spirit. It is a religion which binds people of all the religions in this nation together. In this nation people don't think about how to balance work and life but they think about how to balance cricket and life? People skip work, postpone family get-together, bunk tuition and even cancel a date just because of a cricket match. Best part of it is that it is loved by most of the people in India. For me cricket is not just a game it is my life. No matter whatever I do professionally I will be a cricketer by heart always.

This game has taught me a lot. Cricket doesn't only keep my body fit but it keeps my mind fit as well. Cricket puts me in such situations which gives me solutions to lot of real life problems. It has taught me to keep my nerves under control. Now I hardly panic in any situation of my life. Hence I rate cricket above all in my life. I try my best to watch every single game live. I have skipped work to watch quarter final and semi final of 2015 cricket world cup. I have bunked tuition to watch the final of t20 world cup in 2007. If there is a family get-together then I make sure that there is TV available to watch a match or I avoid that get-together. In short I can't live without cricket.

Sometimes it is inevitable to avoid some events, to skip work, to bunk tuition and school or cancel a date. At that time it really gets difficult for the cricket crazy person like me to stay connected with the game and watch it live. I can't watch it live everywhere mainly due to connectivity issues. Thus I keep myself updated with live score updates and for live updates I have tried and tested lot of applications. Applications which keeps me connected with the match. Most of the apps are not updating the scores live or not able to keep the pace with the match. They give the notification of the wicket after half an hour it actually had fallen. During that half an hour a lot happens in the match. It was quite frustrating for cricket crazy person like me.

We all know about UC browser. You can surf it all, surf it fast with UC Browser. It is faster, easy to use with seamless transitions. I am using it since long time but I didn't update it recently. Its update was awaited from long time. Few days ago I finally updated it. As soon as I updated it gave me the option of setting three notifications and one of them was UC Cricket. I customized only UC Cricket notifications out of the three. I customized it to see how well it works. I checked it in the recent tournaments. UC Cricket updates are fast, it goes with the pace of the match and covers the whole match on time. After using it I deleted all other apps which gave the score updates. Till now UC Browser for me was for fast surfing but from now onwards I can keep myself connected with the match as well with UC Cricket. Moreover it saved my phone space as I deleted all other useless apps. Use UC Browser to experience its multi-purpose functionality.

People who know me well also know that I adulate Yuvraj Singh. I can't hear a word against him. I follow him a lot and not only me lot of people follow him. Yuviacs, Yuvi also uses UC Browser, you don't believe me? See the video below.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Family Bonding

Family is not created by the relation of blood but it is created by the relation of love. There are lot of people who related by blood but they still have differences between them and there are people who are not related by blood but they live with each other like a family. The only difference between the two situations is of bonding. According to me family is most important in person's life and if there is no bonding in family then there is no meaning of living together. We notice that people get seperated from their own family. It happens due to the lack of bonding. Two people related by blood living in the same house stop talking to each other.

Once the bonding is reduced between the two family members then they will start hearing from others that what that family member talked about you in this manner. It starts creating differences between the two and ends up with seperation. Bonding brings any two people in the world closer. While in the family it creates the sense of togetherness. In my family my father is the back bone of our great bonding. He makes sure that everyday we should sit and talk with each other for atleast half an hour. During that time he will ask me about my day, about difficulties I am facing in job, about my future etc.

My father make sure that if we are in the same city then our whole family is having dinner together. He makes sure that me and my brother sits and talk with each other daily. He creates friendly atmosphere at home. According to me your mother and father are your true friends. You can talk to them any way you want to but they will always love you. No matter how you behave with them they will never cheat you as compared to your best friends of practical world. Best friends of practical world are your best friends till there is no competition between you guys but your mom and dad serve without any mean intention. Hence they are your true friends.

Relation between siblings also depends on bonding. If the bonding between them is right then they will always be their for each other. They will always stand by each other in hard times. It is responsibility of parents to make sure that the bond between their children is good. According to me a person is known by its family. Hence it is very important to have good bond with its family. As noone else come forward to help at the time of crisis except your family. Thus time spent with family is precious and that family bonding helps you achieve whatever you want to achieve in life.

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