Saturday, 21 May 2016

Storage problems

In this digital world, everyday new things are coming our way. New innovations, new technologies, new apps, new features etc. It has become pretty difficult to keep yourself updated or upgraded and if you are trying to do that then there are lot of hindrances. One of the biggest hurdle is the storage. As we are going deep into digitisation, the applications are asking for more space. Movies are getting high definition and HD movies occupies more space. Pictures are clicked in high quality and high quality pictures consumes more space. Not only that, we often search for options to create a back up of our important data. In short to keep up with the pace of innovations or to keep yourself updated or upgraded, you need lot of space.

By space, I don't mean that you need space in your life. By space, I mean you need space on your device. And finding space on the device has become a big problem these days but where there is a problem, there is a solution as well. A lot of people are using that solution and that solution is external hard drive. Yes, recently I faced the problem of storage that's why I am writing this post. I was running out of memory on my 7 year old desktop. I normally work on my tab to get easy access to latest features. I use desktop normally to store movies, pictures and keep back up of my important data. Its whole memory was consumed and I didn't wanted to delete anything to make space for new stuff. So I decided to go for external hard drive.

I started searching external hard drives online and while doing that I found out one link saying 'Western Digital Corporation launches new 2TB and 3TB HGST Touro mobile external hard drives.' I opened that link to know more about that product. That link took me to Western Digital Corporation's website. There was whole range of hard drives on that website. There wasn't only external hard drives. There was a complete storage solution to keep you upgraded latest technology. It had wireless storage, portable hard drives, desktop hard drives, internal hard drives etc. I wanted external hard drive. So I checked those.

While checking out HGST Touro Mobile hard drives' features, I found out that HGST Touro Mobile is a fast, USB 3.0 portable drive in a slim and compact enclosure. In addition to that It comes with the cloud backup and one can share their online content with others by simply sending a web link. Moreover HGST Touro mobile external hard drives are windows ready and easily reformatted for Mac. What else you want from a external hard drive? I expanded my storage capacity with 2TB HGST Touro mobile hard drive and I would recommend that if you want solution to your storage problem then visit WDC website. I am sure you will definitely get the solution.