Monday, 27 April 2015

How to celebrate life?

One should not wait for big occasions to celebrate life. Life should be enjoyed every moment by doing the things you love. To celebrate life certain things need to be available for me. My way of celebrating life is different. Let me begin with my daily schedule I dream of to celebrate life. My day should begin with cricket at 6:00 in the morning. Hence I want a cricket ground or an open field in the area where I live so I can play cricket for an hour or two daily. Then I love to spend some time in water. So I would love to have swimming pool at my place to enjoy some time in water after two hours of cricket.

After cricket and some time in water I will go to work. I love to spend some quality time with my family after working most of the day and to spend some quality time I need some aminities at my place. I need good spacious rooms for me and my family so that we can adjust and plan our things and equipments nicely. My mother has knee problem so she faces a problem to climb the stairs. So I want a good open space in our house in front or back side of construction area so that we can sit under the open sky and do chit chat.

My family's happiness is utmost important for me in life. I am happy only when my family is happy. So I want to live in place which is  comfortable for my whole family. My mother just love to have big and spacious kitchen so that she can arrange all her equipments like microvawe, refrigerator etc comfortably. On the other hand my father is a spiritual person so he want some space for his temple at home. Then my brother is a fitness freak and an aspiring cricketer as well. So he needs a gym near by to carry on with his daily excercises. Hence I want all these amenities to keep my family happy and comfortable.

If I get all those things at one place then I will be able to celebrate my life. Everyday will be perfect day for me. Where I will begin everyday with cricket and swimming then I will go to work and will come back to spend some great time with family. On the other hand my family would also be happy at that place as they will get all their amenities for their comfort. Happy family lights up the whole house. Happy family and Happy home is the way to live life for me. Life would be a big  celebration if I can keep my family comfortable and happy and I can follow my hobbies as well at one place.

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Advertisments these days.

Advertisements are everywhere from TV to the web and It comes in all shapes and sizes. According to me tv ads has the highest impact on consumer's mind. Being a marketing graduate I love to analyse advertisements. I give my feedback on ads on twitter. My reason for opting marketing was advertisements. I always used to think while doing my MBA in marketing that I will become ad maker one day that's why I keep analysing the ads. Here is my evaluation on some of the tv ads.

Havells' shock laga Ad

In this ad three doctors are trying to give shock to a mental patient in asylum. It goes with the product which company wants to sell. Postures of doctors even add fun factor in it. Talking about the postures If you focus on the third doctor which get connected with with other two with his bum is having plastic trumpet (that toy) in his hand. We all know that plastic is a bad conductor of electricity then also that mental patient gets connected to that with the help of that plastic toy and gets shock. Havells is such a big company and is making the advertisement on electric shock to promote its product and it is showing that plastic is a good conductor of electricity. It is funny that they are using plastic in their products to save their customers from shock and at the same time they are showing that you will get a shock even if you have plastic in your hand. The most amazing thing is that noone from havells' management realised it even after the ad was on air and they continued with it.

Airtel's my plan Ad

Everyone would be remembering these lines 'bas papa ko khush karo woh tumhe bahut khush kar sakte hain'. They meant to say keep your father happy just to use internet from his plan. A father sacrifices so much for his child and in return we should keep him happy only to use internet from his plan. These days youngsters don't respect their parents anyway. So rather than showing them the right way airtel is providing them the mean intent. Airtel like its services came up with something really terrible. It was criticised on twitter as well. It was the worst ad campaign I have ever seen in my life. The Ad mentioned above is worst of all the ads in that campaign. In this a boy giving coffee to his dad in world's best dad mug and next moment he turns and make fun of it. It is just encouraging youngsters to go on a wrong track. Disgusting.

Idea's IIN ad

Idea has a reputation of coming up with a message in its ad campaigns and in its latest ad campaign too it has come out with a message. IIN ad campaign shows the importance of education not only that it is also guiding people to use the internet in a right way. It shows internet is not for facebook, whatsapp and every other useless things we do on it rather it can be used to learn various things and activities. Internet can be used to educate oneself and others. Internet can be used to follow your passion. Internet can be helpful to achieve what you want. So it gives us the message to use the internet in the most appropriate manner. It is one of my favourite ad campaigns. As marketer you just love this kind of work. My favourite ad in this campaign is that first one in which a boy learn to make speaking drone through internet.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A poem

Couple of months ago I fought with her. She hid something from me which she confessed later and apologised but I said her lot of things in anger. It went on for two days and I was furious on her. I said some harsh words to her. She realised her mistake then also I was being rude to her. When my anger disappeared I realised that I have really made her feel bad. I had to make her feel special as I was feeling guilty for the way I behaved with her. Being a writer I decided to make her feel good through my words.

I am a content writer and I never tried my hand at poetry before. I was thinking of writing a poem but I was not finding the right occasion. Here I had a occasion and reason as well. Hence I decided to dedicate my first poem to her. It was tough for me to write a poem as I am more of to the point writer. I put my heart in it. I put my all the feelings I had for her in that poem. I finished it and mailed her. After mailing that poem I texted her to check the mail.

She checked her mail immediately and within few minutes I got a video call from her. When I picked it up her eyes were full of tears. She said "thank you so much. I thought you are still upset. I will never hide anything from you again. You are the best thing ever happened to me. I love you." It brought smile on my face. "I love you more. I was feeling guilty after what I said to you. I want you to be with me all my life" I told her. I hung up the call after saying that.

Actually the poem didn't turn out the way I wanted but I put my heart in it. It was not a poem. It was actually a poetic prose but it touched her heart because I put my heart in it. It made her feel special. I wanted to express how important she is for me. I expressed it through that poem. Being a writer I know that words create magic. Here also words created magic and helped me to make my love feel special. She took a print of it and framed it. She said no one ever has made me feel so special the way you have. I was happy that I got my angel back in my life with that. Words truely create magic.

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Something for my mom and dad.

I am writing since 2010 but I understood the importance of words in 2014. On the eve of my parents' marriage anniversary I was planning out the things for it. It was their first anniversary after I got my job. Hence I wanted to make it special. I wanted to do something else for them apart from cake cutting and gifts. I decided to dedicate a blog post to them. I wanted to publish that blog post before 12 o' clock that day. I wanted my readers to read that blog post on the day of anniversary not after that. I had very less time to finish it, edit it and then publish it.

I kept everything aside then and started writing. I gave five hours to it. I put all my feelings in that blog post. I mentioned all those things and dreams my parents have sacrificed for me. I just tried to thank them for everything they have done for me via that blog post. I completed it by 10 p.m. and published it by 10:30. I sent it to all the family members before 12 and I got a thumbs up from them. It suggested that it has come out good. Celebrations began at our home from 12 o' clock. I mailed the link of that blog post to paa next morning.

I just pasted that link in that mail and wrote 'read it' below that. Paa read his mails daily. So I was sure that he will read it in the office. In the afternoon mumma got a call from masi and masi explained everything I wrote for her and paa in that blog post. Mumma became so happy after hearing that there was smile on her face for the rest of the day. I didn't get any reply from my father till evening. I was wondering whether he has read it or not.

Paa came home late that evening due to the work load. As soon as he came back home he came to me and hugged me. He whispered thank you in my ears while hugging and there was the confirmation that he has read it. Paa's eyes was sparkling with happiness that evening. My words made my parents happy and it gave me eternal happiness. I realised that your parents will be utmost happy if you just thank them for the things they do for you. In this way I made my parents feel special through my words and that created magic in my life. For me my parents' happiness is most important and I was glad to see them really happy because of that blog post. I will always try and thank my parents like this and will keep creating magic in my life.

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