Saturday, 28 February 2015

Quikr NXT

My cousin wanted to replace his car. I have worked in used car segment for 9 months. So he consulted me about it. He wanted to replace his Wagon R with Verna. I consulted the regional head of Gujarat of that online portal in which I worked for 9 months. He asked me to wait for three to four days as he was trying to fetch a Verna in very good condition against BMW. So I told my cousin to be patient in that matter otherwise he will get maligned by someone.

Two days later I got the news from my mom that my cousin bought Verna today. I was surprised to hear that. I immediately called him and scolded him for being in so much of hurry. He asked me to come and see the car that night. I visited him that night. I checked out the car and it was in really good condition. He made a good deal and was not maligned by god's grace. I asked him how did he made that deal. He made the deal through quikr. I was really keen to know how did he got such a good car on quikr. Moreover he got fairly good price for his old Wagon R.

He told me the whole story then and it was like that he logged in to quikr to check the MSP (Maximum Selling Price) of his car. He then put his car on sell on quikr by uploading some pictures of it. After uploading those pictures he was going through the cars available there. He saw that Verna there. He checked its details and it looked fine and according to the price mentioned there. He contacted seller through quikr nxt. Quikr nxt is a feature where you can chat with the seller and get the details and information of the product at your convenience. It helps to get all the details of the product without even a single phone call.

So my cousin used quikr nxt to fetch the details of car. He had a chat with seller according to his convenience and while chatting regarding Verna, he got some texts from the people who wanted to buy his Wagon R. He got a buyer who was interested in his Wagon R and wanted that buyer to buy it urgently. Moreover that buyer agreed to my cousin's price as well. On the other hand he went checked out that Verna and he was satisfied with it. So on one hand he sold his Wagon R and on the other he bought Verna. He apologised after telling that story and said that everything happened so quickly that he had no time to inform me.

Quikr nxt will surely transform India's online classifieds as it allows buyer and seller to communicate with each other at their convenience. Moreover it fulfills the puspose of exchanging information of the product well. It fulfills it without even a single call. So it saves the time and money as well. As you don't know in what situation that person is when you call him/her to get the information of the product. So quikr nxt is a much better option for buyer and seller to communicate with each other. I think features like quikr nxt and MSP will attract more and more people to quikr as these features gives satisfaction to its users which is must in service industry.

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Befikar Umar Bhar

I am 23 right now and I am not even married yet then also I have to take each and every decision or step in my life by thinking a lot over it. Lot of questions related to future pops in mind with just a thought of doing what I want to do. These questions creates constraints and holds me back before taking any step my life. So I don't do the things I want to do. If there are no constraints, no holding back in life then I would like to do following things in life.

Venture (My own business)

Currently I have got the government job but I don't want to do it as it doesn't give me the satisfaction in my life. I want to start my own business but due to uncertainty and monetary risk in future I am holding myself back. I am planning and doing research to start it in such a way that it doesn't affect my future rather it provides immense amount of growth to me in future. At the moment I can't leave my job and pursue with my business plans due to worries of future. If these constraints were not there in my life I wouldn't have given a second thought before starting my own venture.


Cricket. it is more than just a game for me. There is something above passion for this game in me. Since I was 12, I always wanted to be a cricketer but fate has something else for me. Even today I want to pursue with club cricket but again the question rises what will be my future in that? It is my dream to live and die on the cricket field but again I am holding myself back from going on with club cricket. If I was Befikar Umar Bhar then cricket will something which I will pursue in my life. It is on the rim of bucket.
It is one of my dreams that I will earn till 45 and then I will open a restaurant so that I can spend rest of my life only eating and watching cricket in that restaurant. It will be great if that happens but there is big question mark over as I am not certain about my future. I don't know what will be my condition at that stage of my life. One thing I am sure about that I would like spend my retired life in this fashion if I am Befikar Umar Bhar.


I am a car fanatic. I just love cars. I have like set my goals that at this age I should be having this type of car. To achieve these goals I should be assure that buying those cars should not make my future uncertain. One bigger factor than uncertainty is that I should earn enough to buy those cars. Uncertainty comes after that. Anyways it is one of the things in my bucket list which I want to do in my life. Again for that I should be free from those worries of future. I just hope there won't be any nightmares of uncertain times ahead while I do that.

World Tour

I would like to organise a world tour for my father and mother when my father retires. This world tour will be my small gift to them from my side. I just want to make sure that my parents explore the whole world. Hopefully I can present that gift to my parents without worrying about my future at that time as they have never thought of their future while helping me.

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