Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Real Togetherness

World is going through a digital revolution. From ordering food to shopping everything has been digitized. Most of the services are just one click away. Everything is available on your finger tip now. In this process of digitization human relations has also been digitized. People living next to each other talk on Whats App daily but they don't talk with each other in person. These day a person's social media profile will tell you about him or her more about what he is in real life. As it doesn't matter whether a person is active in his real life or not but he or she will be definitely active on social media.

It applies to everyone including me. These days first thing I do after getting up is I check my Whats App. It has become the source to stay connected with my friends. My friends live in the same city but I meet them on social media more than in person. After college we used to meet once every week but in between we didn't met each other over a period of 6 months. We used make plans but it used to get cancelled due to some or the other reason. We were in touch with each other through social media but we were not together. Finally, one evening in winter all of us were at home and were doing nothing. So we decided to go for a coffee. Four of my friends came to my house to pick me up after a while & we were off to a long drive.

It was a cold evening. Thick woolen jackets and the heater of car were keeping us warm. We traveled to other part of the city and stopped at our favorite cafe. After six months we got together there was happiness in the air. We were laughing, pulling each other's leg while recalling old memories. We were discussing everyone's life, taking advice on our future plans. It was real togetherness. Cup of hot coffee was doing its job. After a long time we were together & we were enjoying it a lot. We got so busy in talking that we didn't realized, it has been three hours in the cafe. We realized it after coming out of it.

As we came out of that cafe cold evening became cold windy night. We were breathing out the smoke from our mouth due to cold. All of us were having fun. We went to the parking lot to get into the car but there we saw two children were shivering in one corner. On one side we were enjoying the cold while on other side that cold was brutal punishment for those children. Mother nature sometimes get brutal on some people. Those innocent faces were trying to sleep in that corner but were not able to due to cold. We were not going to leave those children in such condition. We covered them with our jackets. As they got those jackets they were feeling the warmth & that warmth brought smile on their face. After giving them the jackets we were there till they stopped shivering and fell asleep.

Their mother arrived after sometime. Parents of those children were pani puri vendors. They were busy selling pani puris outside. Even they had nothing to cover their bodies. Two of us gave jackets to shivering children while remaining three of my friends gave their jackets to the parents of those children. They thanked us and we ran towards the car as we started shivering in that cold. Heater of the car kept us warm on the way. After giving our jackets to them we were even more happy. It was a great feeling. Nature brought us together after a long time and it also helped us do something good together. I will never forget that night in my whole life. It was real a joy of togetherness.