Friday, 30 January 2015

A clean active skin

It is not like that my face is full of pimples and it gets worse in summer. I get very odd pimples on my face but when it appears it becomes the highlight of my face. It get noticed by every single person who meets me during that time. Pimples bring lot of dirt and marks with itself or atleast this is what I feel as pimples leave lots of marks as it goes off my face and it also collects lot of dirt in itself which I removes everyday until these appears on my face.

As a pimple on my face get noticed by each and every person. So each person gives me its own advice to get rid off it. It affects my confidence as well because when pimple appears on my face everyone concentrate on that while I talk to them. Once during my college days I had a pimple just above the upper lip on my face and when I was talking to one of my friends he was just looking at my pimple and during the whole conversation he made me feel how weird it looked on my face by mentioning it again and again in his talk. At the end of the conversation he said that remove that dirt first from your face then come and talk to me.

Once, while shaving barber cut the pimple on my face and it started bleeding and all the dirt was coming out with that blood. I thought it won't appear again, but after few days it appeared bigger and uglier. It was giving rise to more pimples and marks. Then my aunt recommended me Garnier pure active neem face wash. She gave me her bottle and told me to use it to see the difference. I was using some other face wash at that time. It doesn't really mattered to me whether I use Garnier pure active neem face wash or the one which I was already using. For me it should be a face wash. That's it.

I started using Garnier pure active neem face wash given by my aunt and it actually worked. It removed first that pimple which appeared bigger and uglier then its by-products. It doesn't only removed pimples but also the marks left by those pimples. Since then I have stopped using a handkerchief to hide pimples on my face. I got clean active skin with the help of pure active neem face wash. People stopped concentrating on pimples on my face as there were no pimples there.

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Great India Litterbug!

Hold your breath. Now I will tell you a story of that litterbug who takes bath in public and a crow teaches him some mannerisms.

I am posted 100 kms away from my hometown. So I travel by train daily. One morning my train was late by 15 minutes. The train in which I was travelling was at platform no. 2 and another train was already parked on platform no. 1. A man came down on the empty railway track in between from the train which was parked on platform no. 1. He first spit tobacco on that empty track from his mouth. Cleaning staff members were cleaning that track and had already cleaned that part of it. Due to the dirt on the there were lot of insects on that track and cleaning staff was removing that dirt. Then that man came down and spit (we call that it a pichkari in this part of India) from his mouth and insects were back on it.

Cleaning staff went on a break and that man noticed that they are gone. There was pipeline attached on that track on which lot of taps were attached. Taps were for cleaning staff to get the water from that to clean the tracks. That man saw that there is no cleaning staff. So he removed his clothes after putting the towel on and put them on the pipeline. He opened one of the taps and started taking bath. If his spit was not enough to spread the dirt that he started cleaning the dirt of his body on the track. He was enjoying his bath pretty well. He was such a litterbug.

Wait. It does not end here. The climax of a story is yet to come. A crow saw that man bathing from its naked eye. Then that crow came down from the height and sat on that pipeline and slowly slowly came near to his underwear. Meanwhile that man was still enjoying his bath. The crow finally came and sat on his underwear but that man still does not noticed that. Crow picked up that underwear and flew away. That crow was a follower of our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and believed in clean India. People who saw that died laughing. It was a great lesson for that litterbug taught by the crow. Till now we only knew the story of a thirsty crow but now we also have a story of a clean India movement crow to narrate to our kids.

Red walls and dirty roads and places does not look good. People of our country needs to understand this or should start spitting on their house walls and should start throwing trash in their rooms as well if they do not understand their responsibility towards the country. The great Indian litterbug is a great initiative by the times of India to stop it by laughing on those who do it. I have shared a small story. To know more about it click here.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

A healthy child makes a happy home.

A child lightens up the whole house with its cuteness, energy and innocence. I just love being around the children as their cuteness and innocence melts my heart. If I am at home then you will always find me playing with a child. I don't have any child at home but in my neighbourhood there is one two year old boy with whom I spend most of the time.

His name is Jay and he lives in the house opposite to mine. Jay is so cute that you can never have enough of him and luckily he is fond of me. As soon as he notice that I am back home from my work he will leave everything and will come to play with me. He takes away my whole day's stress and worries and makes me smile out of nowhere. He takes my frustration away and makes me feel good. He will bring the ball and say "play". He will not go home until he gets tired and feel sleepy.

My whole family is fond of him. He makes us all of us laugh with his half sentences. He will dance on the songs which again makes us smile. If he buys something new he will make sure that we are the first ones to see it. He just make the whole house happy with his energy and cuteness. He is in our house whole day and he only sleeps in his house. I think god has sent him to spread happiness in our family.

Along with happiness Jay also used spread diseases in our family. Jay likes ice-cream too much and it does not matter to him what is the weather like but he needs it everyday so he used to catch cold quite often and used to spread it to us as well. If he is not well then he is irritated most of the time and also irritates us with his crying and all. Hence Jay being not healthy makes us unhealthy as well. So my mom gave him Dabur Chyawanprash one day. We are using Dabur Chyawanprash for few years now. It has herbs like Amla and Giloy. Moreover it has more than 40 natural ingredients. It increases the immunity by three times and hence protects against the illness.

So Jay had Dabur Chyawanprash one day and he liked its taste. Now he have it everyday and we have already seen the difference. Jay enjoys his ice-cream everyday and catches the cold barely. As if he is healthy then he makes the house happy and if he is ill then it is like the house is ill. So It is very important to keep Jay healthy for us and Dabur Chyawanprash is doing it for us. Indirectly It is helping us to keep our home happy.

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