Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Canvas Tab P666

Last day of the year. New year is just few hours away now. I have planned to do a lot of things in 2015. So there are new year resolutions not resolution for me. I am a avid blogger so one of my resolutions is to write atleast 100 blogs posts in 2015. I am a more of on the go writer. If I have a time or I am getting bored then I start writting anywhere. I do a job in New India Assurance and my posting is done hundred kilometres away from my home. So I travel a lot by train daily. I have made a habit to write in train by now. If I have no work in office I write there as well. So I don't really sit on a computer or a laptop to write blog posts.

I write most of the blog posts on my mobile only. Like this one I am writing this post while travelling in train on my mobile phone. So to complete the target of at least 100 blog posts in 2015 I am looking for a tablet for quite sometime now. Basically I need a tablet for bigger screen, multitasking, faster processor, better resolution and a latest android version. I checked out lot of tablets and among them some tablets were really good and some were not at all good. The tablets which were really good were going way out of my budget and the tablets which were not good fitted in my budget easily.

Then I came across Micromax Canvas Tab P666 which has all the features which I need in the tablet. it has 8 inch long screen, 1.2 Ghz intel atom processor, 1 GB RAM, 800 x 1280 screen resolution, sleek design, 5 MP rear camera, 2 MP front camera and HD recording. Moreover it comes with Android's latest version Kitkat. It is very good for the gamers as it supports seamless gaming (I can rediscover gamer in me again). You can enjoy movies on its IPS display and intel graphics media acceleration. You can enjoy photography and vediography as well with its camera. It is a complete package as it has something for everyone. Moreover it is not that that expensive.

I think my search of a tablet ends with this one as it has I want and the best part is that it prefectly fits in my budget. It will make my writing easy and better. It will also make my writing smooth on the go. It will also help me to entertain myself with movies and games. I can enjoy my clash of clans on it pretty well. Lastly it CAN discover gamer in you, it CAN discover photographer in you, it CAN discover movie buff in you, it CAN discover fashionable in you and it CAN discover multi tasker in you. After all it is a CANVAS. I am again saying best thing about it is that all its features comes under my budget. To know more about it click here.

Well Groomed Face.

As BlogAdda has allowed to write two more posts. I am ready with another story. If blogadda has given me few more days I would have written but now I will be able to write only one more post. Anyways let's come on to the topic #WillYouShave.

Now it is a stint of my cousin's engagement. At that time I haven't shaved since a week as I was planning to go french so I decided to be in bearded face for ten to fifteen days. Nani, Mama and Mami had liked a girl for my cousin. So he was going to meet her that day. He went in the morning and I was sleeping at that time. I woke up after he came back and mumma broke it to me that he has said yes.

I was really happy. I straight away went to meet him and congratulate him. He told me the whole story. He told me about her views and nature. In all he liked her and he was happy. After meeting him I went to meet Nani to ask about the date of engagement and all. Nani told me that engagement is today only and she ordered to shave.

Everybody got busy in the preparation of engagement and I also became busy in making sure that I am well equipped for the event tonight. I decided to shave in the evening around couple of hours before the event. In the afternoon we were having fun as the family got together after a long time. Nani joined us too.

I was hiding the face from Nani as she doesn't like unshaved faces around. Finally Nani saw me and I was scolded again by her. She loves me a lot and pampers me like a kid. I promised her to shave by the evening. After Nani it was Masi's turn and somehow I convinced her also that I will be shaved in the event. I went home and shaved my face. I stuck to french cut.

At the event in the evening everybody all the Mamas, Mamis, Masa, Masi and most importantly Nani liked me in french cut and complimentex me about the same. I was really happy. See how well groomed face changes everything. Till the evening I was being scolded for unshaved face and in the evening I was praised for well groomed face.

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Friday, 26 December 2014


Australia. Whenever I hear that word first thing comes into my mind is all those beautiful cricket grounds around the country. I used to see Australia from the viewpoint of cricket only till I came across the 'Come Alive in Melbourne' videos featuring Tanmay Bhatt and Rohan Joshi on youtube. I just fell in love with that city after watching those videos. Melbourne is considered as the most livable city in the world. Those videos were enough for me to know that why Melbourne is most livable city in the world. There are five places which I loved in Melbourne and became my five reasons to fall in love with that city. Here they are:

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Let's start with Melbourne Cricket Ground (you can't expect anything else from cricket fanatic). MCG is one of the biggest ground and one of the most beautiful cricket stadiums in the world. As a player I want to clear those huge boundaries of MCG. I just want to have a go at bowlers so that I can whack few big sixes there. I know it is going beyond the boundaries now. Ok as a cricket fan I want to cheer for Indian players from its stands. It is hosting the world cup final next year and I am already thrilled by just imaging the atmosphere there. Have a look at the beautiful MCG here. Tanmay & Rohan watching Dhoni in action at the MCG

Apart from stadium I want to be at the Members reserve at MCG. I just want to see all those pictures or rather want to imagine those moments which players have lived there. The members reserve at MCG is as beautiful as the cricket ground. I have a video of The Members Reserve too have a look at it here. Tanmay & Rohan visit the members reserve of MCG

Chocolate Factory

If there is anything in this world I couldn't say no to then that thing is chocolate. It is the best thing in this world. I am a complete chocoholic person. There is a chocolate factory in Melbourne where they make every form and flavour of chocolate. The chocolate in shape of every animal. In that factory they pour 400 kgs of chocolate in every 3 minutes. I just want to take a bath in that hot chocolate. I can surely eat or take in all 400 kgs of chocolate. They have made a chocolate village in that factory. I wish I could live in that village. Moreover you can have liquid chocolate shots in that factory. I won't get high even after having 50 of those liquid chocolate shots.
You think I am lying about it. Take a look at it here. A day at Panny's Amazing World of Chocolate

Loch Ard George Beach

I think beach is the place where you can relax and romance as well. Beach is the place where you can release all your stress and enjoy the water and sand. Beach is also the place where you can walk hand in hand with the person whom you love. You and your beloved can have fun in the water there. Melbourne has Loch ard george beach which is amazingly romantic. I (and only I) know with whom I want to walk hand in hand on that beach. You decide it as well. You guys can have a look at the Loch ard George beach here. Tanmay & Rohan on Loch Ard Gorge beach

The Great Ocean Road

The great ocean road is the best road on the planet to drive on. It goes through forest, mountain and ocean scapes. It is a complete joy ride of over 220 kms. If I was in Melbourne I would have had taken out my Jaguar or Land Rover to go on a drive on that road. I love to go on a drive. So to drive on such a road would be a pure joy. You can check it out here. Tanmay & Rohan drive through the Great Ocean Road

12 Apostles

12 Apostles in Melbourne are in the water. So how will you see those apostles? You will see those apostles from helicopter or what we call it a chopper. It is like once in a lifetime experience to see those beatiful apostles from the helicopter. I think it can't be expressed in words. You need to experience it. It is surely in my to do list now. I just hope I go to Melbourne one day to experience it. Check it out how amazing it is. 12 Apostles from the sky

Apart from these five places Melbourne is full of awesome cafes and clubs. Melbourne also has vineyards but I don't drink so I didn't really have any interest in it. Moreover Melbourne is also famous for penguins and lots of other things which you can check it here. Actually not can but you should check it out because it might help you win gift voucher worth Rs. 500.

Yes. You read it right you can win a gift voucher of Rs. 500 just by going through these videos. Ok let me make it more clear just tell me "which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?" Best answer to this question will win the voucher of Rs. 500. So see the videos, choose your places, give the answer and win.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

We are stuck between two cultures

Today India is divided among two types of people. One type of people are those who believe in Indian culture and thinking while other type of people are those who believe in foreign culture and thinking.

Indian culture and thinking is all about togetherness, being there for each other always, we first, one marriage and being loyal in that, great upbringing and mannerisms, restrictions etc. While foreign culture and thinking is all about me first, 2-3 marriages and getting children in all of them, not so great upbringing and mannerisms, freedom etc. Now normally people who are more than 20 years older than us i.e. poeple above 40 believe in Indian culture and thinking (all the above 40 people who don't believe in Indian culture are NRIs mostly) while most of youngsters of our age believe in foreign culture.

I am the one who believes in Indian culture and thinking. I will try to show the comaprison how I would have been in both the cultures. I am born and brought up under great parents. Since childhood I have learnt discipline, honesty, punctuality, being there for one another in every situation, values of a family and staying loyal and truthful in every relationship. Due to this I have developing into a person who is honest, punctual and disciplined. I always think of we (family) first rather than me first. I am very loyal, honest and truthful in every relationship I am in. I value my parents because of whom I am in this world. I believe in togetherness. I will be happy with one woman (of my choice. Hopefully) in my whole life. I have only adopted one thing of foreign land and i.e. clothing but I am totally Indian by heart.

Now if I was born on foreign land then I would have been brought up in working atmosphere where my parents would give more importance to work than me and my upbringing. My father would have been changed twice to thrice in the span of 15 years. By the age of 18 to 20 I would have had several one night stands. I wouldn't have found girls for love but for sex. I wouldn't have cared whether my parents are living or dying as I would have had nothing for my parents because of whom I am in this world. I would have always thought of me first. Instead of being honest and loyal in relationship I would have cheated and betrayed people around me. I would have been like a wild animal. Unfortunately these days in Indian boys and girls like that life and are adopting such culture very proudly.

Boys and Girls these days take one night stands as a fun which according to me is totally immoral act. You are allowed to marry only once in Indian culture and by doing premarital sex you are cheating that person whom you are marrying to. You have no right play with anyone's feelings. Couples these days kick their parents out of their homes at that point of age when they need them the most. Guys, your parents don't give you the birth to see that day. They sacrifice their needs and lot of thinks for you it is not like foreign countries that they leave you on your own. They are with you all your life. So its your responsibility to be with them and support them in their old age. So stop leaving them on their own in their old age.

It has become like a war between two generations one wants to be with their culture while other wants to adopt another culture but all of us are stuck in between which is even worse. Life has become quite tough to live and it is getting tougher. We don't know whom we should trust and whom we shouldn't. I really don't know where we are heading towards. People whom you love and want to spend your whole life don't want to be with you. Ghor kalyug aa gayaa hai. Duniya ka vinaash ab nishchint hai.


We have got enough proofs that terrorism has its rpots in Pakistan. Taliban and ISI, we often hear these words as the reason behind almost every terrorist attack. Couple of days back Peshawar in Pakistan became the target of taliban. Taliban attacked an army school there just to take revenge from Pakistan. They killed 132 children of that school just to take revenge. I mean where the mankind is heading towards? This inhuman act is unpardonable.

I was watching tv last night and news channels were taking the interview of kids who survived in that attack. One of the boys explained how they attacked. That guy was in so terrified after seeing death bodies that he was unable to collect himself. He was crying and talking. His last words in that interview were 'Insha Allah aage chalke main unki naslein tabah kar doonga.' I will destroy them from their roots in future. I am still unable to understand what those kids did? That they were given the punishment of death. Who gave those terrorists the right to take lives of so many innocent kids. My heart goes out to the families of those kids.

Our Prime Minister offered support to Pakistan in that attack. Two minutes silence was observed in all the schools of India in the grief of children who lost their lives. What Pakistan did in return? They blamed us in return. Musharraf gave statement balming India behind the attack while taliban already broke that its a revenge. It has been three days and Pakistan still not doing anything towards it. Pakistan has ISI which I think is big enough to destroy taliban from its roots but it isn't doing anything. It adds to the proofs that Pakistan supports terrorism. Moreover they have released the accused of 26/11 on bail. They have made the mockery of justice. They don't really care about their own people dying. In this way you guys are not going to rule the world. Pakistan has become the hub of terrorism. So we have to be careful in our lives.

This attack in Pakistan is really a shocker. Death of children is really sad. My condolences are with their families and may their souls rest in peace.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Auto Show 2014

One october morning I was on my way to work. On the way I saw a hoarding of auto show 2014. Frankly speaking I was not expecting it in Ahmedabad as Auto shows and auto expos normally doesn't happen in Ahmedabad. I was riding my bike at 60-70 km/hr so I was unable to read the whole thing. I thought it will be in some other city they have just put the hoarding here.

Next day again I read a bit like sponsors and associates to make sure that it is an auto show not an auto parts show. I was happy to see the names like Maruti Suzuki, Ford and some of the dealers of Ahmedabad. It confirmed that it is an auto show and it is in Ahmedabad only. Along with the sponsors and partners I read the dates as well. It was in last week of november. Being a car lover I was really happy that it was organised in our town. I had read all the things by now only thing I needed was the venue.

Two days later I read the venue while passing from that hoarding and it was Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar. How can I forget that all the summits and events like this in Gujarat are organised at Mahatma Mandir. I was even more happy that the venue was Mahatma Mandir as I enjoy driving on the roads of Gandhinagar. I decided to go for auto show on its last day sunday.

I was very excited about it. I thought the timings are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. I planned to go there at 5 p.m. so that I get enough time to see all new cars, new concepts of different companies, how companies are marketing etc. At 3 p.m. one of my friends told me that timings are upto 6 p.m. only. Then I wanted to go at that time only but it was not confirmed yet. I confirmed the time by 4 p.m. that it will close down at 6 p.m. and ordered my friends to leave at 4:30. My excitement was out of control. We left at 4:30 and reached at Mahatma Mandir by 5. I parked my bike and I literally ran into Mahatma Mandir as I thought pretty less time is left that much excited I was. My friends came behind me walking.

Maruti Suzuki

As I entered the first car I saw was swift in Maruti Suzuki's camp. Yes! First camp was of Maruti Suzuki on the left. Apart from swift other cars in Maruti's camp were Ciaz and Alto K10. All three cars were recrntly launched. We all know about new swift and Ciaz. Alto also was re-launched with new improved K10 engine. I was expecting XA Alpha or its another version there as I heard that it is going to be launched in 2015. Neither XA Alpha was there nor any other concepts from Maruti Suzuki was launched in that auto show.

Rolls Royce and BMW

Next to Maruti Suzuki was Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce as a company wasn't there. It was its Ahmedabad's dealer who was representing Rolls Royce. It was the same case with BMW. I do not know which car Rolls Royce has put on display there. I am not a Rolls Royce fan so I don't really keep a watch over its cars. I only know about one or two cars of it. BMW's two cars were there one was Z4 coupe and it was so awesome that I didn't care about the other one. As there dealers were there you can't expect anything new from them.


Ford was there with its Ecosport and Fiesta. Ford has put those two cars which were totally opposite to each other in terms of market share in their respective segements. Ecosport has captured a huge market even though it was launched pretty late in its segmemt. While Fiesta is totally dud in its segment despite of several re-launches. It was disappointing that even Ford didn't turn up with anything new.


Hyundai again was with its Elantra, elite i 20, Verna, Santafe etc. In short there was nothing new in Hyundai's camp as well.

Mahindra and Mahindra

Mahindra was there with its Thar and XUV 500. My two all time favourite Mahindra cars. Apart from that there was also Ssanyyong's Rexton. There was couple of RX series SUVs. Rexton is for the ones who are bored of Ford Endeavour and Toyota's Fortuner. It doesn't mean that Rexton lacks something which Endeavour and Fortuner have but it has come too late in Indian market. Fortuner and Endeavour has established themselves well in that segment.

Honda, Tata Motors and Renault

Similar to Hyundai, there was nothing new in Honda, Tata Motors and Ranult's camp. Though Zest of Tata motors attracted a few on itself because of its features.

Concept Cars

There was only one concept and that was a prototype of 'green sports car' whose developer claimed that it runs 1000 kilometres on its single charge of its batteries. It grabbed all the eyeballs at the auto show. It will cost between 15 - 25 lacs as per it's developer. It was the only highlight of otherwise a dud auto show.

Apart from cars there were bikes as well but again there was nothing new in that too. Before going into this auto show I was thinking that an hour will be very less to explore all the cars but I finished it within half an hour. The much excitement I had before attending it, there was an equal disappointment in me after attending it. Hopefully it will be better next year.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


There are two kinds of people in this world lucky and unlucky. Those who are lucky gets everything easily, ride on their luck to achieve what they want. When people have luck with them whether they shave or not but their work will be done prefectly and on time. In short whatever lucky people touch turns into gold. While unlucky people doesn't get anything easily, always want to ride on luck but don't have it to ride on. If unlucky people do not shave due to any problem then their work will not be done at all. In short whatever unlucky people touch turns into mud. I belong to the category of unlucky people.

Again there are two kinds of people those who shave and those who do not shave. People who do not shave are hippies or saints or those who can't afford it or any reason for not shaving comes under people who don't shave. Now people those who shave again in that there are various types. People who shave daily, people who shave every three days, people who shave every five days, people who shave weekly etc. I fall under category who shave and among who shave weekly.

So I am an unlucky guy who shaves weekly. Well groomed face is very important for the guy like me who is not lucky. I have also missed on  opportunities as well because of ungroomed face. I have mentioned couple of them in my earlier posts. Now I make sure to go with well groomed face if I have to go for the interview or anywhere else where I have to leave my impression. I don't have luck to ride on so I don't really rely on it. I only rely on my hard work and it is really important for me that I look presentable in front of everyone. So I make sure my face is well groomed whenever I am meeting someone important or attending some event. I don't want to compromise anymore on anything just because my face is not well groomed. So I shave timely by keeping future event in mind. Now #WillYouShave? Or you will still rely on your luck?

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Missed Opportunity 2.0

It was the time I just completed my MBA and I was searching for a job. I got a call from MRF tyres for frontline sales job. It was the MRF I couldn't have got better start to my career. I live in Ahmedabad and first leg of interview was held in Ahmedabad only. I went in there well dressed, with well groomed face and with lots of confidence. My face looked confident because it was well groomed. Clean shave gave the bright confident look to my face.

Four rounds of interview were held here and after the four rounds of interview, I was selected for the last round in Chennai. I was really happy that I made into MRF's last round of interview. Coordinator told me and all other candidates that 'noone really get rejected in Chennai. You just need to be in complete formals there as they don't compromise with clothes, hair and shave. Your real test was taken here and you just needs to look perfect in Chennai to get the appointment letter.' I already started dreaming of working with one of the best companies in the world with those words.

I am kind of person who don't shave daily as the growth of my facial hair is not that much. It is like if I shave today then you will see the hair on my face after two days. My facial hair start showing up on third day. So I planned Chennai interview accordingly. I shaved my face at home and got in the train to Chennai. Next day I reached Chennai and the day after I went for the last round of interview at MRF's corporate office.

I went into MRF's office well dressed with blazer and tie, well polished shoes and making sure that there are no signs of spikes on head but that day my facial hair started showing up. Despite of that no one guessed that I haven't shaved since last 3 days. As I entered in the interview room HR Manager and Vice President Marketing of MRF were well prepared for me and so was I. Interview was going on really well, I was responding them perfectly.

Then they asked 'you haven't shaved today?'

I replied 'no'.


'I don't shave daily. I shave on every fourth day.' Now that was really blunt.

'Then how will you work with us. We won't allow this. We want guys with discipline, we don't want models.' Vice President was on me like a tiger.

'I will start doing it daily.' I tried to defend it.

I was rejected. The whole interview went well except that shaving part. So in this way my ungroomed face became the reason for my rejection in company like MRF. It was a huge setback for me. In the end I consoled myself by saying that I am not alone who is rejected there are 13 more people along with me. The difference was others were rejected with some strong reason while I was rejected just because my face was not groomed well.

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Missed Opportunity

I got a new job and I had a training in Mumbai for seventeen days and I forgot my shaving kit at home in Ahmedabad. I didn't even needed it for first three days. So I realised it after three days that I have forgotten my shaving kit at home only. My facial hair started growing from fourth day onwards. I started finding saloon in that area but I didn't found it.

Actually I have skin allergy. So I don't prefer to shave outside as I don't know what kind of shaving creams they use and due to that I have faced some serious skin problems earlier. So after a week I found a saloon to shave my face but the price of shaving there was 250 bucks which I do at home or anywhere with my shaving kit in around 20 bucks. It was way out of my capacity. I was not in financial position to afford it. So I kept shaving aside for that day. From next day I kept roaming in that area to find the saloon and I found one but it was that beneath the tree kind of saloon. It actually was beneath the tree. It was cabin made of sintex material to protect you from rain. I checked out the shaving foam and cream that man was using and it was surely going to affect my skin. So again I gave up the thought of shaving.

It was almost 12 days without shaving my face and the look was getting weird with every passing day. I told the reason to all the faculties in training before they say anything to me. Almost two weeks without shave now. There was icici bank apartment nearby and I saw a man was shaving one of its employees outside the gate of that appartment. So if he can't afford that 250 bucks saloon that how can I? I checked that cream as well but after checking that I gave up the thought of shaving again.

Training ended after 17 days and I had to join the work from 18th day itself. I was posted at the place which was around 100 kms from Ahmedabad. The schedule was like that I reached home at 7 in the morning and I had leave home at 8 so that I can reach the office on my first day well before time to make a good first impression.

I had an hour only and that whole hour went in getting fresh and having breakfast. I had no time to shave. I reached the office well before the time but my face was unshaved. The first comment my branch manager made was 'are you sure you have come to work. It doesn't look like from your face.' So I was unable to make good first impression due to an unshaved face. They say first impression is your last impression. Everything was perfect but just because my face was not shaved I was unable to make good first impression.

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