Friday, 21 August 2015

4G is here.

3G is now a history as 4G has been launched in the country. Airtel is the first company to launch 4G in India. It has launched 4G across 296 towns of the country. 4G spectrum was auctioned in 2010 along with 3G spectrum. After that every company started the testing of 4G in different parts of country. Airtel started its testing in Kolkata in 2012. Mobile companies started launching 4G phones a while ago. All 4G phones possess pretty high band width. People started buying those phones but 4G services were still to be launched. Finally our wait is over as Airtel 4G is here.

Airtel launched 4G services in the first week of this month with a challenge that if you get the faster network than Airtel then Airtel will pay your phone bills whole life. Here, Airtel has hit the right spot. I mean we all know what kind of speed we get when we use 3G and this is 4G so it has to be the fastest network ever. 4G is all about speed. I can't ask for anything else if I get such speed which Airtel shows in its TVC.

For me network speed is must as internet has become basic necessity for me. Everyday I tweet, play online games, write, watch movies on youtube, read articles, search for data, surf various websites etc. Thus network speed must be high for me. I have experienced 3G speed but I was totally frustrated by it. Telecom companies says it is 3G but where their network is weak there they provide 2G network instead of 3G. So I used to see the circle of buffering most of the time in everything I do. These days I rely on wifi at my home and my workplace but I can't get it everywhere. So I was eagerly waiting to see the speed of 4G.

With the 4G speed under my hood I will tweet, play games online smoothly, watch movies on youtube without buffering, surf various websites at the same time, download data and pictures for my writing faster, watch live streaming of cricket matches, download cricket videos and highlights of the match etc. I am just waiting for my 4G enabled phone to arrive. As now I cannot wait to switch to Airtel 4G.

The best part of Airtel 4G is that it is available at the price of 3G. Due to this 2G users will also give a try to 4G as it is available at price of 3G. Now next thing is how to get a Airtel 4G sim? Getting a 4G sim is just a tweet away. You just need to tweet with hashtag #GetAirtel4G by tagging @airtelIndia in it. As soon as you tweet it Airtel people will get in touch with you immediately and will assist you to get 4G sim. The other way to get a 4G sim is by registering on Airtel's website. Airtel is doing free home delivery of a 4G sim. You don't have to go anywhere it will be delivered at your place. All you need to do is register for it. So what are you waiting for? Experience the fastest network ever today.

To register for 4G sim click here.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Dream Room

Renovation of my house is going on since last four months and we have reached that stage where interior designer is going to begin his work soon i.e. construction work is almost over. My Mom and Dad has already instructed the interior designer regarding how they want their room. My room is on the first floor and at the moment flooring and ceiling work is going on in my room. As the things are going out of budget so interior designer is going to do the interior work only on the ground floor. No one is going to ask me how I want my room as of now. I had planned a lot of things for my room.

My room is that corner in the world where I celebrate highs of my life and bring out frustration on my failures. It is the place where I dance the way I want to without worrying about anyone. It is the place where I used to hide chocolates. Its walls used to be my canvas where I used to draw and write whatever I felt like. My room has also been my playground where I used to practice my shots everyday. My room has witnessed my night outs during exams. While these days it witnesses my tensed sleepless nights. In short my room is that cozy corner in the world where I express my every feeling and emotion.

They say your room reflects your personality and my personality is largely dominated by two things. Cricket and Writing. Cricket and writing are two things I am passionate about. Actually these are the only two things in this world through which I express myself freely. Thus I want my room to reflect that. I want my room to be designed in such a way that it should reflect both the things. One part of my room should be sporty where I can get the feel of cricket stadium. In that part of a room there should be a T.V. and a wooden box where I can keep my cricket kit and display my trophies.

While other part of my room should be sleek where I can write peacefully. And this part of my room should have a bookshelf and a digital wall frame so that I can read blogs and other stuff on that digital space. In this way it will reflect both cricket and writing. After renovation I will carry on with old furniture and fixtures. For the time being the idea for designing my room has been dropped but in future whenever my room will designed, I would like to design my room in the way I have described it above.

I am participating in the Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio and BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can still be a part of this activity. Here's how.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Cheese Veg Pasta after Cricket

Sunday according to me is made for two things cricket and food. Every sunday of mine begins with cricket and ends with food. On 9th August, it was a final of a local tournament and my team reached final for the first time. Luckily it was my Sunday on the field. My team won that final remarkably. As far as my performance is concerned I picked up only one wicket but batted till the end to win it for my team. After winning that final we celebrated a lot. We ran all over the ground with stumps and bats to celebrate our victory. All of us were clicking slefies, pictures with the trophy after winning the match. It was very important for us as on the four occasions prior to that we were out of that tournament from quarters. It was the first time we reached the final and we won it. So everyone was happy.

When I reached home after celebrating that victory I was very hungry. I told mom that I want to eat pasta today. I eat pasta at home only as my mom makes pasta in Indian style. I don't like pasta made in italian style as they make it sweet. My mom makes it in Indian style and I call it 'cheese veg pasta.' While mom was making the pasta I was narrating her the story of our victory.

"This time paa has bought some new brand of pastas.," I said to mom in between of my story.

"Yes, it is Del Monte farfalle pasta.," Mom showed me the packet of that pasta.

I continued with my story then. Along with my story I was also keeping an eye on how mom is making those pastas. After finishing my narration I was into pasta only. For the first time I was taking interest in cooking. I told mom to tell me how she cook it. She started with ingredients.


1. Del Monte Farfalle Pasta.
2. 2 potatoes
3. 1 onion
4. Corn kernels
5. 2 tomatoes
6. Green peas
7. Salt
8. Red chilli powder
9. Turmeric
10. Garam Masala
11. Green coriander
12. Cheese
13. Cooking oil

Mom was told me about the ingredients while converting corn into kernels. After that she started with the steps to make the pasta.


1. First boil 3 litres of water with one and half table spoon of salt.

2. then put Del Monte farfalle pasta in it and boil it for 15 minutes on high flame.

3. While pasta is being boiled chop potatoes and onion in very small pieces and take out the kernels out of the boiled corn
(Mom boiled the corn earlier. You have to boil corn as well.)

4. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan on another burner, sauté chopped onion and potatoes in it until they turn somewhat brown.

5. Stir pasta in between and add cooking oil in it to prevent sticking.

6. Make the paste of tomatoes with blender until onion and potatoes get brownish texture.

7. Add tomato paste, green peas and corn kernels in to the frying pan after chopped potatoes and onion are brownish.

8. Now drain the boiled pasta, put it in the frying pan and mix it with that mixture.

9. Then add salt, red chilli powder and turmeric according to your taste. Moreover add garam masala to give it a flavour and taste.

10. Then mix it properly and cook it on the low heat for 5 to 7 minutes.

11. Lastly plate it and garnish it with cheese and green coriander.

"And here is your cheese veg pasta. Tell me how is it?," Mom brought the dish of pasta on the dining table.

I wore a chef's hat and said after having a bite of it "Mmmm. Garam masala has given it a perfect flavour and it blends well with vegetables. In short it's delicious."

"Thank you, Chef." Mom said and we started laughing.

Actually it made my sunday more eventful. On that day I came to know how much effort my mom gives in making such delicious dishes. It was a perfect treat after such a cricket match.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The fastest network ever.

4G smartphones are out in the market and I was hearing about the launch of 4G services as well. I was reading about it in the newspapers, watching it on news channels and there was buzz on social media as well. The news was that most of the companies are planning to launch 4G this year. Companies has started testing it in different cities or as they call it different circles. Thus the biggest question was who is going to launch it first? and when? Here is the answer. Airtel launches pan-India 4G services. Airtel 4G is launched in 296 towns across India. 4G telecom spectrum was auctioned in 2010. All the leading telecom companies including Airtel participated in it. Airtel started its testing of 4G in 2012 by launching its first 4G network in Kolkata.

Now Airtel has become first company to launch pan-India 4G services. After hearing this news first thing came into my mind was is it affordable? As in India lot of people can't even afford 3G they still use 2G services. By seeing the prices of 3G, people had a myth that 4G is going to be very expensive but Airtel has launched 4G at price of 3G. Airtel 4G has broken all the myths that 4G is going to be expensive as it is actually as the same price of 3G. So with Airtel pay for 3G and get the speed of 4G. Next thing came into my mind was the speed. I was wondering if 3G is so fast then how fast will be 4G? I knew that it is going to be faster than 3G anyway but are they really going to provide that speed? Airtel 4G TV commercial cleared all my doubts. There is an Airtel challenge that if your network is faster then Airtel will pay your bills for life. It is the fastest network ever.

Now how to get started with Airtel 4G? To get started with Airtel 4G first you need a 4G enabled smartphone, a 4G SIM and a 3G data pack. Airtel will deliver 4G SIM free of charge at your place. All you need to do is that you have to request for it on its website. If I think from marketer's point of view then I think its a great move from Airtel to launch 4G at the price of 3G. It will increase its market share as it will push the people to subscribe for 3G as they will get the speed of 4G in that price. Moreover it is the first company to provide 4G services across the nation and pioneers of the market always get the benefit.

As a user I just can't wait get my hands on Airtel 4G SIM. My brother has ordered 4G enabled smartphone and now I am requesting for a 4G SIM on Airtel website. I am dying to experience fastest net speed on a fastest network ever. You guys can also request for a SIM here.